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CreateLED AirMag-3

CreateLED AirMag-3

MSRP $2,500 - $3,500

CreateLED's Airmag 3 indoor LED display offers churches an innovative, economical technology with "wow" factor.

With standard definition on the verge of becoming obsolete and most projectors performing in SD, LED is taking over the church production world. CreateLED's Airmag 3 indoor LED display offers churches an innovative, economical technology with "wow" factor.

This LED wall will support a high-definition video system long term. The resolution is 128 x 128 pixel per panel, with an output of 1,200 Nits and 16-bit color processing. This means pictures and videos are brighter and more visible than ever, with real white, brilliant colors, breathtaking gray scales and over 281 trillion color choices. The walls offer wide view angles for programs that require extremely close viewing distances. So whether in the back or front of the sanctuary, users will be able to see a clean, clear and crisp picture.

With the deepest basalt black surface and the deepest black body, the panels will "disappear" when off, leaving no room for distractions as the pastor gives a sermon or the music team begins worship. When on, the newly designed advanced light trap louver reduces glare for the audience's visual comfort.

With a high contrast ratio of 4,000:1 churches are guaranteed excellent picture quality no matter the circumstance. The detailed image, with smooth motion reproduction and true-to-life color, are an amazing addition to any production, enhancing the worship service and effectively displaying and communicating the message of the church. The operation of the LED wall is silent and little heat is generated with a natural airflow (fan less design). No noise will be heard while transitioning worship songs, and artists onstage won't have to worry about bumping into panels for fear of a burn.

Lightweight and seamless, the modules are completely assembled into cabinet by magnet and available to take apart from either front or rear side. With this intelligent interlocking system and the weight (including structure and cables) at only 7.5kg/panel (30kg/sqm), setup, teardown and transport is ideal for any venue. Mobile churches as well as those in transition or those hoping to expand in the future can surely appreciate and benefit from this feature.

With an average power usage of 80 watts per panel, the Airmag 3 is economical. Since LED only needs to be run at 20 percent to 30 percent brightness, users can use less power, and using less power means a significantly less energy bill.

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