CM-i3 Intercom Headset

CM-i3 Intercom Headset

The CM-i3 is a high usability in-ear comms headset with a revolutionary patent-pending design weighing merely 2oz., yet delivers comfort, noise-isolation, and multi-functional modularity unparalleled by any other comms headset on market. CM-i3 allows live production teams to have it all: small size, comfort, and performance in an intercom headset.


Point Source Audio CM-i3: The World’s First Modular In-Ear Intercom Headset. On the heels of its award-winning miniature microphones, Point Source Audio has adapted the same winning development strategy to its new CM-i3 intercom headset. At the forefront is the CM-i3’s miniaturized design resulting in a patent-pending in-ear intercom headset that weighs a mere 2oz., yet delivers comfort and multi-functional modularity unparalleled by any other comms headset on the market.

The patent-pending CM-i3 is a declaration to the industry that live production teams can have it all: small size, comfort, and performance when selecting an intercom headset. Intercom systems allow the worship tech crew to speak and hear each other in order to coordinate their individual roles within the team.

A high functioning headset like the CM-i3 augments any comms system with the necessary noise isolation so the worship crew can protect their hearing by not over amplifying, which leads to distortion and ironically, missed audio cues. Since its recent release, the CM-i3 has seen adaptation by many Houses of Worship alongside other live production comm users for audio, lighting and camera operation. Church tech guru and founder of, Paul Alan Clifford uses the CM-i3 at the Quest Community Church in Lexington, KY where he volunteers, and conducted an in-depth independent review. He stresses, “If your church is looking for a comm headset try this one out, I don’t think you’ll regret it.” To see Paul Alan Clifford’s review of the CM-i3, visit: Key Product Benefits Comfort Picture a comms headset and you’ll probably envision the iconic but unattractive bulky earmuffs that add extra height and weight to its users.

The CM-i3’s lightweight in-ear design was borne from customers desperately seeking an alternative to those outdated and uncomfortable headsets. While large over-ear headsets can provide some noise isolation, their weight can become unbearable even after just a short time of use. The in-ear design of the CM-i3 is lightweight yet capable of blocking out -25dB of background noise. Furthermore, three different sizes of eartips are included to further customize its fit for comfort and increased isolation. Only the CM-i3 headset dresses the cables of the earphone and microphone to be seamlessly integrated into the headframe so cable clutter is completely eliminated. And unlike the on-head design of traditional headsets, the CM-i3’s behind-head design is lower profile, can be worn with headwear or a shoulder mounted camera, doesn’t fall over when bending, and won’t leave you with head and neck stress or hating your hairstyle afterwards. Less time fussing with the headset means more attention focused a producing a flawless service and that’s what every worship production team wants. Modularity Depending on the complexity of the worship service, communication needs to be coordinated between any number of people on the production team including audio, video, lighting, broadcast feeds and graphics/editing. It may also include a stage manager or production director to keep the service organized and flowing. Undoubtedly, there will be last minute changes or unexpected events to react to. With the CM-i3, the production tech can switch between three listening modes: dual ear, single left ear or single right ear. This practical functionality means rather than having to remove the entire headset to check environmental sounds or interact with others, the user can quickly remove one or both earphones in an instant to exit the listening mode or monitor a mix audio feed and surrounding acoustics. Its modularity has other benefits as well, the earphones on the CM-i3 are swappable so users can exchange them for their favorite pair of earphones or personal in-ear monitors. Wear both earphones for a dual-ear system or pop out the right or left earphone for a customized single-ear system.

The modularity also saves on the cost of a new headset by allowing service on-site when it comes time to replace the earphones. Clarity Regardless of the size and weight of the headset being used, producing a clear communication feed is always the mission at hand. Until now, not much thought has been given to the headset as they are usually standard issue with the intercom system, but a headset that cannot adapt to the environment and block out distracting background noise means there are compromises that can hurt the production as well as the individual. One such compromise is the widespread use of single earmuff headsets that are not adequate to block out even a low level of noise. Continually boosting the volume through the one earmuff to hear the production feed can lead to ear-ringing and hearing loss over time. In the CM-i3, the dual ear option is always available when needed,to block out noise and so that the overall sound level can actually be reduced for improved hearing through both ears.

The advancement of intercom systems has come a long way, and as Houses of Worship increasingly embrace higher production standards for worship, executing with a smooth running production crew is more important than ever. And as churches carefully contemplate the right intercom system, they no longer have to be saddled with standard issue old style headsets. A high usability in-ear comms headset can now be part of that consideration to improve the overall experience and performance of every worship service production.

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