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Church Production Magazine and Worship Facilities Magazine Assist Video Display Survey

A recent study of video display use in American churches shows continued growth in the market. TFC Info, in conjunction with Church Production Magazine and Worship Facilities Magazine, recently conducted an extensive end-user research study to explore the use of projectors and flat panel displays in American churches. The house of worship market for audiovisual is rapidly growing as churches increasingly turn toward display technologies to fuel membership growth, which in turn drives demand for additional displays. This market is of special interest to display manufacturers due to house of worships’ needs for a variety of display solutions, including high performance products, due to the challenges of large sanctuary sizes. Because there is so much interest in this market, yet limited information, TFC Info launched its study.

For over six years TFC Info, a market research and consulting firm for the audiovisual industry, has immersed themselves into the church market to assist manufacturers, dealers and integrators in better understanding this fast growing market segment. TFC Info surveyed 700 respondents, all of whom are responsible for the AV equipment at their place of worship, for their most recent report entitled “The Use of Video Displays in American Churches 2009.”

The 2009 report provides historical trend analysis by contrasting current results with those of TFC Info’s earlier surveys. One of those trends is the growth in the number of projectors a church owns over time. The churches in this research that state they have three or more installed projectors have gone from 16% in 2004 to 39% in 2009, clearly showing increased opportunities for larger orders.

Additionally, of the AV focused churches that TFC Info surveyed (churches that have made a strategic and financial commitment to integrate audio visual equipment in their worship service), 41% state that they currently own at least one flat panel display 32”+ (LCD or plasma). Based on the need for multiple visual aids in larger churches, and the cost of flat panel displays being more affordable, churches will be looking more to flat panel displays.

“In this research we found just how extensive the need for AV equipment is in churches, and that these churches have the buying power to purchase it,” states Tanya Lippke, TFC Info manager of survey market research. “This is good news for manufacturers and dealers, especially as the trend of using “multimedia” in churches continues to increase steadily.”

In this report TFC Info not only analyzes the church market as a whole, but goes beyond to break the sample into various demographic groups. Research results are provided in total, by church size (seats), and geographic location (Northeast, South, West, and Midwest). This allows companies to compare and contrast the preferences and purchasing of churches of varying sizes and in varying locations across the US.

Not only is this research useful for those companies currently targeting the religious market, but also for those that might consider entering this unique and profitable market in the future. This 260+ page report describes the following areas in detail:

—Market Trends in American Churches

—Projector Use, Purchasing, and Preferences

—Flat Panel Display Use, Purchasing, and Preferences

—Other Video Displays, Future Purchasing, and Upgrades

—Unique Needs in Houses of Worship

—Knowledge of Brands and Those Considered For Purchase

—Ways to Sell and to Whom

—Best Practices/Learn from the Mistakes of Others

For a complete brochure and outline of this study, or for more information on purchasing, please contact Tanya Lippke, Manager of Survey Market Research, at (207) 783-0055 or tmlippke@tfcinfo.com.

About TFC Info

TFC Info (www.tfcinfo.com) is a worldwide leader in market research and consulting for the audiovisual industry. TFC Info provides its international clients with market forecast reports, analysis reports, point-of-sales reports, market surveys, in-store surveys on projectors, LCD, and plasma display devices.

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