Chroma-Q Color ONE

Chroma-Q Color ONE

The Chroma-Q Color One 100 LED Par from A.C. Lighting Inc. features a fully homogenized and defined beam.

MSRP $795

The Chroma-Q Color One 100 LED Par from A.C. Lighting Inc. features a fully homogenized and defined beam. The innovative lens with blended output was designed to eliminate the color separation and shadows that are synonymous with individual LED and quad chip LED fixtures. The Color ONE is ideal for front light applications in which multiple shadows are unacceptable. As a backlight, the homogenized output provides a natural look when facing the congregation while reading beautifully on camera.

Unlike COB LED fixtures with extremely wide 60-plus-degree beams that mimic a single source, the Color ONE 100 provides a smooth, well-defined and uniform 20-degree beam. The beam is tight enough to provide a defined edge when used with fog and haze in contemporary worship environments and soft enough for use in traditional worship settings.

The Color ONE implements an efficient, convection-cooled design (without fans) for full intensity operation while ensuring silent moments of reflection during a service remain truly quiet. With true theatrical-grade dimming, dramatic fades are exceptionally smooth.

The Par's extensive RGBA color-mixing palette delivers deep-cold blues and red-hot lava looks as well as extra-soft pastels all from a single fixture. Chroma-Q's Color Sure technology ensures every fixture delivers the same color results in any situation regardless of the model type or the date it was manufactured. The LED selection, combined with Chroma-Q's advanced ColorSure technologies, provide total color consistency between fixtures.

The versatile, dual-purpose mounting yoke enables the Color ONE to be hung on a truss in a traditional theatrical fashion or floor-mounted for up lighting set pieces or architectural elements. With a choice of IP20 / IP65 models, the Color One 100 is ideal for numerous lighting applications.

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