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Bose Releases Loudspeakers and Amplifier For Fixed Installations

Bose Releases Loudspeakers and Amplifier Designed to Provide Scalability and Configurability For Fixed-Installations

The Bose Professional Systems Division introduces the RoomMatch series of array module loudspeakers and PowerMatch PM8500 configurable professional power amplifier. Bose says that these products were designed to provide sound designers with unprecedented scalability and configurability for venues including houses of worship, arenas, performing arts centers and to deliver concert-quality sound consistently and efficiently, regardless of room size, shape, or acoustic properties.

“Our engineers challenged conventional wisdom for both loudspeaker and amplifier design,” said Akira Mochimaru, general manager, Bose Professional Systems Division. “The result is a new approach for the industry, one that lets sound designers and integrators meet the acoustic challenges of any fixed-installation sound system –- with more flexibility and far less compromise to audio performance.”

According to Bose, RoomMatch array module loudspeakers overcome the acoustic performance limitations of conventional line-array and point-source loudspeakers. The company says that their RoomMatch waveguide technology directs sound more precisely, reducing unwanted wall and ceiling reflections that can degrade tonal balance. They also report that multiple, readily available waveguide patterns allow for customized sound coverage for virtually any room. Each loudspeaker features two new 10-inch woofers and six extended mid-range compression drivers. Together, they are intended to eliminate the need for the mid/high crossover, resulting in improved vocal clarity and intelligibility. Additionally, Bose reports that to reduce distortion, the woofer uses a proprietary ultra-linear motor, a tapered port, and an individual acoustic enclosure, while the compression drivers have a proprietary bridge phase plug to remove resonant modes without the use of filters or complex signal processing.  The company details another feature, which they call Bose Progressive Directivity Array, which allows for the scaling of Sound Pressure Level (SPL)  to achieve a seamless, consistent response over nearly any vertical angle. They report that this is accomplished with a continuous-arc diffraction-Slot (CADS) manifold that they claim provides interference-free acoustic summation of six compression drivers, and the ability to define precise vertical coverage between 0 and 60 degrees for each RoomMatch module. For bass augmentation below 80 Hz, the new RoomMatch RMS215 subwoofer array module is tuned to complement RoomMatch full-range loudspeakers.

The PowerMatch 8500 amplifier is designed to work with both RoomMatch array modules and other professional loudspeakers, and can allocate its 4000W rated power between two and eight channels. It is intended to provided audio performance and flexible output from a standard wall outlet. The company reports that a dual feedback loop architecture continuously monitors and controls the current and voltage to help prevent circuits from being overdrawn. And that the PowerMatch 8500 combines the sound quality and reliability of the best Class-AB designs with Class-D efficiency. Bose says that its PeakBank power supply incorporates proprietary regenerative four-quadrant design with fast-tracking Power Factor Correction (PFC) which they convey allows for higher power and higher efficiency than standard PFC, and improves peak bursts for superior transient response and low-frequency performance. Bose also states that bass transient response is further enhanced with their switching technology which they say delivers high levels of continuous output for longer durations. Configurations are selected via software and include 8x500W, 4x1000W, 2x2000W, or mixed combinations. Bridge or QuadBridge modes can drive either low-impedance or 70V/100V loads.


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