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The speaker configuration at Lakewood Church, including line arrays.

Best Performing 2017 Worship Tech Director Pieces Worth Second Look, Part 2

Thanks to nearly 60 writers this year, readers of Worship Tech Director had numerous articles to enjoy over the course of this year. Five in particular stood out, with this the second to be highlighted.

Over the past year, readers of Worship Tech Director have had the opportunity to read hundreds of articles that were crafted by nearly 60 writers for the site. As Site Editor, I thought that five articles that were very well written and read by thousands of readers, should be recognized.

The first piece noted yesterday was by Debbie Keough. Today’s piece, Sound System Engineering: It's Not Guesswork, was written by Brad Duryea, who serves as Director of Audio Technologies at Lakewood Church in Houston.

His article, posted to the site on April 20, was Sound System Engineering: It’s Not Guesswork. The article provided a look into sound system design, and the different elements to consider, and their value to building a quality system.

Other articles that will be highlighted later this week will be pieces written by Jeff Snyder, an audio contractor for Granger Community Church; Michael Scott, Director of Media Arts at Henderson Hills Baptist Church and Grant Norsworthy, Music Instructor for More Than Music Mentor.

Another of Brad’s well written pieces from last year worthy of a read was "Audio Mixing Consoles: Focus First On Channel, Mix Bus Count" and the article can be read here:

Audio Mixing Consoles: Focus First On Channel, Mix Bus Count

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