AMS Series

TANNOY's new AMS series loudspeakers have been engineered to produce a sonic characteristic that is perfectly matched with the company's award winning CMS 3.0 ceiling loudspeaker. The AMS Series provides a uniformly transparent and seamless sound signature throughout multi-zoned venues equipped with both ceiling mount and wall mount TANNOY speakers.

$179 - $493 each

With worship styles around the world changing so rapidly, it is now common for traditional choir and organ music to share the stage with contemporary music, which brings with it completely new audio requirements. The largest challenge for integrators commissioning new church audio systems is the ability to provide fidelity and intelligibility of sound. There are multiple sources of undesired sound in every church; air conditioning, street or traffic noise and congregation noise - and critical to combatting these sounds is the ability to focus it towards seating areas and direct it away from walls, windows and other reflective surfaces. TANNOY’s new AMS Series of surface mount architectural loudspeakers provide the ultimate installation solution for churches and houses of worship around the world which is flexible in both appearance and surface mounting whilst maintaining TANNOY’s reputation for superior audio innovation. The AMS Series features TANNOY’s evolutionary milestone development of the Dual Concentric transducer technology which has found its place in many of the world’s high end recording studios, hotels and entertainment venues. The most significant evolution in the Dual Concentric design for over 20 years, the new driver features revolutionary Omnimagnet technology and a unique Torus Ogive Waveguide assembly to deliver more consistent and controlled directivity, with notable improvement in higher frequency ranges, in comparison to previous generations. For the church congregation this delivers consistent sound with respect to listening position. The brand new design delivers improved time alignment and greater coherence between LF and HF, resulting in an even wider sweet spot and brighter, more defined and precise sound, for appreciably enhanced performance both on and off-axis allowing for a dynamic sound range for completely versatile purposes, whether it be speech or music. Comprising a range of seven models ranging in three form factors from 5-inch to 8-inch, the AMS series is suitable for various budgets and different architectural designs. The series takes on an aesthetic that is perfect for considerations of building design with unobtrusive, smoothly formed, weather-resistant zinc-plated nickel grilles and elegantly styled high temperature polymer moulded enclosures. They blend beautifully into a contemporary decor with custom colour available on special order. The mounting brackets aren’t the conventional type, TANNOY have designed them so that the loudspeaker can be mounted vertically or horizontally with a non-slip yoke bracket or alternatively, use of the Vari-ball bracket provides flexible pan and tilt angles providing further options for mounting. With these options, churches benefit from a fast, single person installation with minimum visual intrusion, keeping visual focus on the unique aesthetics of the church, whilst still distributing uniform sound coverage. The AMS range utilises a 16 ohm driver, making it ideal for use in high performance low-impedance systems. Alternatively, for constant voltage systems, TANNOY have specified as standard, high quality low-insertion loss transformers with variable tap settings making the AMS suitable for both large, medium and small sized churches. With variable church sizes in mind, the AMS can be used for church exterior: they have undergone the most punishing environmental testing of any product in TANNOY’s history, achieving an IP65 rating. This is among the highest in the industry for outdoor use and challenging environments, protecting it from low pressure water streams and dust. The AMS series truly is the next generation of surface mount architectural loudspeakers. With the famous Dual Concentric at the heart of its technology, the AMS is set to enhance the experience of any environment they are in, with top level sound and sleek design.

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