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Aeson LED Video Panels Provide Stunning Results at First Baptist Orlando

Aeson LED Video Panels Provide Stunning Results at First Baptist Orlando

One question directed the church towards their decision for LED: "Would they look back in three or four years and wish they had gone with LED panels instead of a projector and screen?"

When First Baptist Orlando (FBO) was planted in 1871, the founding congregation could hardly have imagined what their efforts would lead to in the 21st century. After moving through several locations and buildings, FBO opened their current sanctuary in 1985, and in 2015 completed a renovation upgrading its technology to be more effective in reaching the next generation of Orlando, FL. One of the most prominent additions to the venue is the Aeson LED video display positioned prominently over the choir loft.

"We asked the church to think about what the market will be like in three or four years, when LED video walls become more of a common choice," states Jason McKelvey, consultant with Idibri in Dallas, TX. "Would they look back in three or four years and wish they had gone with LED panels instead of a projector and screen?  It was unanimous with church leadership and the technical crew to go with LED. LED panels eliminate the need for expensive projector bulbs and problems caused by ambient lighting, while making repositioning and reconfiguration simple, and still operating quieter than projectors."

To accomplish this, Idibri turned to Aeson's Indoor AI P4.81 LED video panels, creating a video wall 31 feet wide and 18 feet high. A total of 209 panels were used to create this configuration, providing a pixel resolution of 1,976 by 1,144 with a pixel pitch of 4.81mm.

Every project has its challenges, and two arose with the FBO installation. The installation date for the LED video display was moved up by four weeks, and two weeks before the new installation date, another change took place:

"The original size was planned to be smaller," comments David Roche, project manager with Technical Innovation’s Blue Hat Design, the video integrator on the project, "but the church decided they wanted the display to be larger. Aeson handled both of these changes seamlessly, making sure the additional panels would come from the same binning lot of LEDs for color matching. Aeson was great to work with, and ensured the installation went smoothly and on time even with these two significant changes.

"The Aeson LED panels provided a great valuesomething we are always looking for in any great product," states McKelvey. "We were satisfied with the quality and were able to recreate accurate colors and, most importantly, accurate skin tones. When you look from the stage up to the screen, the video image matches what you see on stage."

"To be honest," comments Worship Pastor John Marks, "I had doubts about an LED display wall. Now that it is in, I couldn’t be more pleased. Aeson did wonderful work, and has given us great support."

"We are very pleased with our new Aeson LED Display," adds Senior Pastor Dr. David Uth. "The colors are true, and the picture is crisp and clear. And Aeson's support has been outstanding!"

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