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A320 Personal Mixer

A320 Personal Mixer

Aviom's A320 personal mixer, which includes many features of the A360 personal mixer, gives musicians advanced control over their monitor mixes while preserving simplicity of use.

MAP $399

Aviom personal mixers provide a unique blend of performance and simplicity to both musicians and engineers, enabling users to get all the control they want from their monitor mixes without the complexity that can interfere with performing music and delivering the message to the congregation. Improving monitor mixes for the praise team simplifies the tech team's job and ensures that the sound delivered to the congregation is clearer, more comfortable and more inspiring.

Aviom's A320 personal mixer was designed specifically to deliver great sound at a great price, with a user interface easily mastered by all levels of musicians. Ideal for use with in-ear monitors and headphones, the A320 delivers breakthrough features for more precise mix control and more musical monitoring. The A320's combination of powerful mixing features and simple user interface is ideal for churches, especially those that have rotating and volunteer musicians or users who may not be as comfortable with technology.

The A320 can be used to mix up to 16 mono or stereo sources, expanding upon the capability of its predecessor, the A-16II. Stereo inputs can be assigned to a single mix channel.

The A320 includes a streamlined version of the A360's Stereo Placement control. It is designed to be easier to use while still providing the control necessary to get outstanding stereo imaging in a monitor mix, an important tool for making in-ear mixes sound clear, natural and more musical. The new Enhance control is also designed to provide more presence for users with in-ear monitors.

All mixing features on the A320 are instantly available without menus to navigate or complex programming or setup. Customizing a monitor mix is fast and intuitive, even while performing and even for non-technical musicians. The A320 also enables users to store up to eight mix snapshots in the first eight channel button locations. So, mixes can be easily recalled with the touch of a button.

For longtime Aviom users, A320 personal mixers are compatible with all existing Pro16 Series devices and monitor systems and can be easily integrated into an existing Aviom personal mixing system. With the addition of the D800 and the D800-Dante A-Net Distributors to the Aviom product line last year, all of Aviom's mixers are now even easier to integrate with analog and digital consoles as well as new Dante consoles and networks that are on the market.

Not only are Aviom personal mixers easier than ever to integrate into church audio systems, but more churches can also now afford the systems. With the addition of the A320, Aviom offers a family of personal mixers and a range of possibilities for different types of users and for different budgets. The A320 personal mixer enables those with even tight budgets to bring personal mixing into their sanctuaries without sacrificing quality, fidelity or control. With the A320 the praise team gets advanced personal mixing control and great-sounding monitor mixes.

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