7 Reliable Wireless Vocal-Mics for Church

Look no further than these microphones when choosing to upgrade your church's wireless system.

A reliable wireless vocal mic is one of the most important parts of a church’s audio system.

A good mic will ensure that vocals are heard clearly, without interference or being saturated with background stage noise.

Wireless vocal mics, though more expensive than wired mics, are often necessary to avoid stage clutter, and to prevent people from getting caught in miles of cable running across the stage.

With this convenience though, comes more difficulty. A wireless mic is only as good as its transmitter, which ensures that the signal will reach the sound board intact, with minimal interference from the environment. Keeping this in mind is important, because better wireless transmitters and receivers are needed for larger rooms or more professional settings, and with this comes increased cost.

Wireless vocal mics generally fall under two categories when it comes to signal transmission. UHF wireless capability provides a stronger clearer signal than VHF systems, this is generally one of the main features of higher end wireless systems. Almost all vocal microphones are fine tuned for vocal use, dropping low frequencies while ensuring that the medium and higher frequencies are picked up more strongly.

Additionally, vocal mics generally come with either cardioid or supercardioid polar patterns, which ensures that close-up vocals are picked up clearly and background stage noise is kept at an absolute minimum. Some mics also have feedback prevention features, which help cut out background sound which could contribute to prevalence of feedback.

Wireless vocal mics usually use the same capsules as wired mics, so if your church has a wired mic that pairs well with certain vocalists, there is no need to find an entirely new mic for them to use. In fact most wireless systems use very similar (if not identical) capsule models across a variety of price ranges, so all that is required is simply selecting which transmitter and receiver are needed for your church’s needs.


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