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5 Tips for Worship Teams to Build a Good Relationship with Your Tech Person

Take a moment to understand your tech guy and you both can serve more effectively

Dennis Choy gives 5 tips to the worship team to coordinate with the tech guys to build a better relationship.

1. Trust their opinion
Trust your tech person's abilities; only then you can motivate them to work. Pastors can suggest things but the tone should be friendly so that your tech person will understand what you are asking for. This is a two way relationship and a tech person also needs to coordinate with the worship team to get good results.
2. Understand how tech people think
Tech people analyze things and process all the information and then come up with a decision. They don't right away say YES or NO to any idea; they take their time to analyze, evaluate and think it through, and only then they confirm it. This is what pastors need to understand; they need to know how their brain works, what's their nature, if they'll understand this, only then things will go smoothly for both of them and the church itself. Even when a pastor is an extrovert, he might say things out loud, don't freak out and think through. Know how their minds work and then react accordingly.
3. Check on their spiritual well being
The worship people need to keep a check on the tech guys because they are the ones who are behind the scenes working when there is a service going on. Pastors need to be the advocate for tech guys because they won't confront it themselves. But if it gets out of control, tech guys you need to speak up for yourselves. If you are feeling low on spirituality, you need more people on your team, tell it to the authorities, if you won't tell then you won't get the help you need.
4. Clarify your expectations for the tech guy
Most of the pastors don't know what a tech person does and what his capabilities are. Pastors need to tell the tech guys what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Unless you tell them, they'll not know what to do and how to do it.
5. Take a walk in their shoes
Be considerate towards your tech guy because he is also human. If you'll hit him with an urgent task on a Sunday morning and expect him to complete it in a day, then you are wrong. Pastors are not aware of the work that tech people do, how much time the work takes, so make sure you explain it to them. If they don't know about it, how'll they understand the complexity of your job?

The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand.  We listen to reply.'  Anonymous

Learn more about your tech team 

Dennis Choy is a frequent speaker and teacher.   This article is an excerpt from a presentation made at WFX.

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