4mm SMD LED Video Display

4mm SMD LED Video Display

Daktronics 4 mm LED video display sets the benchmark for contrast and color fidelity.

MSRP $ - Varies (custom projects)

Daktronics 4 mm LED video display sets the benchmark for contrast and color fidelity. Housed in a thin, aesthetically-pleasing design, the Daktronics Black Package display solution takes the wide viewing angles, exceptional brightness and precise image reproduction of premium 3-in-1 SMD (surface-mount device) LED technology and wraps it all into a LED display solution to ensure eye-catching contrast and display performance, even in the most demanding interior viewing scenarios.

Due to the increasing demand for quality visual aids with sustained performance and the prices of LEDs being reduced over the last five to 10 years, many churches are looking to switch from projectors to LED displays. Daktronics 4mm LED displays are designed to overcome many challenges in indoor settings. Many factors indicate that owning an LED display offers a higher value and a lower total cost of ownership when compared with owning a projector.

Many factors contribute to brightness, including innate brightness capability and ambient lighting conditions. An indoor environment can present a variety of unique challenges that require certain brightness capabilities to ensure clear image quality. For example, churches and auditoriums often have mixed ambient lighting conditions, which can be a combination of natural sunlight and overhead lighting. Because image quality partially depends on ambient lighting conditions, the best visual aid in this type of setting is one that performs each time regardless of surrounding lighting.

Another factor that affects image quality is contrast. Contrast is the difference between lightness and darkness in an image and the greater the difference between these two values, the better quality image on users' display. Because projectors need to reflect light off a surface to produce an image, black projection screens are not an option. This greatly limits capacity to improve contrast. In comparison, LED displays have masks that provide a deep black background for content to create contrast and image quality.

LED displays have much fewer replacement costs than projectors. Projector maintenance requires frequently changing lamps and these expenses add up over time. An LED display is at half brightness at 100,000 hours. If a projector lamp's lifetime is 2,500 hours, the lamp would have to be changed approximately 40 times to reach the equal lifetime of the LED display. The LED display is the more hassle-free choice for long-term maintenance over time.

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