2016 New Product Awards: TelVue GoToAir

2016 New Product Awards: TelVue GoToAir

TelVue GoToAir is an innovative, IP video production application that allows a single operator to produce live events on a laptop.

TelVue GoToAir is a new and revolutionary live video production application for internet streaming fully-produced ceremonies and events from a simple laptop computer. Using the one or more HD webcams or 4K (UltraHD) cameras, the GoToAir software allows the operator to select and switch between cameras or predefined “regions of interest,” add real-time graphics and videos, and stream the resulting production live to the internet, cable TV and simultaneously save a file to the hard drive.


A proven application of TelVue GoToAir has been for broadcasting ceremonies in houses of worship. From two cameras discreetly mounted on opposite sides of its cathedral, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Metuchen (N.J.) streams daily services live to the internet, with identifying graphics, full audio, and live camera switching. Daily services are automatically broadcast, but higher profile events can be covered by a single operator, sitting at a GoToAir laptop from a local or remote location.

TelVue GoToAir starts with the premise that you can broadcast operator defined regions of interest smaller than the full pixel resolution of a high-definition feed while maintaining broadcast-quality resolution in the region of interest. GoToAir is compatible with a wide range of IP cameras, from fixed or PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Ultra-HD security cameras, to the latest in HD webcams and 180-degree wide-angle cameras.

The source video from those cameras is fed into the GoToAir laptop, where an operator can virtually pan, tilt and zoom within the larger frame to select and define any number of “Regions of Interest” to be used in the broadcast. With a single push of a button, you choose which Region of Interest to take to air.

The operator can also add graphics, text, images, videos, animations, and transitions to the live production. Click to add lower-third identifiers, logos in the corner, or even picture-in-picture screens, with the live feed in one window and a video or image in the other. GoToAir supports the use of animated transitions as well. Upload your own multimedia elements to use within the application and create a distinctive look and feel for your live event streams.

TelVue GoToAir integrates easily with current audio systems. Audio options depend on the type of cameras used for broadcast.

From the laptop, TelVue GoToAir sends a fully-produced 16:9 HD video output to the streaming service of your choice. TelVue’s own CloudCast video streaming service offers a fully responsive and embeddable player, Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) options for smooth streaming to multiple devices, plus the option to stream to the operator’s own Roku or Apple TV channel. GoToAir also integrates with a Wowza server or YouTube account for additional streaming options.

The GoToAir stream can also be integrated with the TelVue HyperCaster broadcast server for delivery to a Cable/Telco provider.

TelVue GoToAir is an affordable, easy-to-operate live production solution that could help houses of worship expand their audiences and reach viewers on multiple screens.

(See case study on how the Metuchen Diocese uses GoToAir: http://www.telvue.com/2016/05/06/expanding-religious-audiences-with-telvue-gotoair/)

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