2016 New Product Awards: Spark-E II

2016 New Product Awards: Spark-E II

A versatile live streamer, the Spark-E II enables churches to encode 3G-SDI/HD-SDI, analog, or HDMI input from cameras, HDMI or VGA input from computers, or video from analog sources.

The Spark-E II is a portable, compact (5.9 inches), and efficient single channel H.264/AVC encoder and live streaming appliance. While most streaming devices accept just one video format, the Spark-E II encodes incoming 3G-SDI/HD-SDI, HDMI, VGA, or SD Analog (YPbPr or CVBS) video and audio (one input channel at a time) into one H.264 compressed IP transport stream.


The resulting stream can be viewed with standard transport stream compatible set-top boxes like Roku, or software clients such as VideoLAN VLC or JW Player. Churches can stream video content to YouTube® or the church Facebook® page, or to CDNs and web sites like Ustream®, Akamai®, Octoshape®, Verizon®, etc.

The IP video stream can also be simultaneously recorded onto a USB stick for church archives or later playback.

The Spark-E II is ideal for streaming live church services and events such as gospel concerts and mission trips to the internet or for streaming services to overflow areas or other church campuses. It features a low latency (delay) of just under half a second.

The Spark-E II provides for choices for resolutions, IP protocols, “wrappers”, and containers. IP output protocols include UDP, HLS, RTSP, RTMP (local and publish). The system features multirate, multiprotocol support—the transport stream output can use different network protocols for transmission.

The Spark-E II also converts computer output to H.264 streams, making it ideal for presentations and digital signage. It streams HDMI or VGA from a computer to an IPTV set-top box, which then sends the signal to an HD monitor. This is useful for displaying staff training information, computer-generated slide shows, church calendars, hymn lyrics, etc.

Since churches often have a number of donated video cameras, the Spark-E II’s compatibility with so many video formats makes it stand out from the competition. With a single encoder, operators can stream outdoor events from a portable HD camera, stream worship services using an HDMI camera, stream weddings with an analog camera, while simultaneously recording to USB, and more.

The Spark-E II supports 1080i, 1080p, 720p, and 480i resolutions. Input resolutions are up to 1080p60. Output resolutions are up to 1080i60. The output includes downscaling. When needed, the system can scale down incoming HD streams to SD.

Audio output is AAC-LC, stereo or mono. The Spark-E II supports H.264 High Profile @ Level 4.0 (HP@L4), Main 3.0, and Main 3.1 video compression. It supports VBR (variable bit rate) or CBR (constant bit rate).

The Spark-E II features video pre-processing for some formats. Brightness, contrast, hue saturation can be adjusted for HDMI, DVI, DVI-A/VGA, CVBS, S-Video, and YPbPr. Sharpness can be adjusted for CVBS and S-Video.

The system is set up and configured with an easy-to-use web-based management user interface (GUI) that can be remotely accessed via the public internet. It works with industry standard decoders. A companion decoder, the Spark-D II, is available. 

The Spark-E II is competitively priced at $995, which makes it easier for congregations to share their ministry with church members and the community.

DVEO is a well-respected supplier in the video and audio streaming industry. We provide broadcast streamers, modulators, demodulators, low latency encoders, decoders, transcoders, IP analyzers, IP gateways, ad insertion solutions, live/VOD media servers, playout servers, and patented automated UDP video packet recovery technology.

Spark-E II PDF

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