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A Spiritual Connection with Campus-Wide Wi-Fi Coverage

Luxul Delivers Fast and Reliable Campus-Wide Wi-Fi Coverage at St. Maximilian.

Kolbe Catholic Church

Less than a year ago, St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Church in Port Charlotte, Florida, was relying on a single wireless access point (AP) located in its office area for Wi-Fi coverage.

Signal strength was weak for offices further from the AP, and there was no coverage at all in the church's classrooms or Parish Center — a separate multi-purpose building. Not only did office staff require reliable internet dervice for their jobs, but it was needed by catechists to enhance religious education classes and for many events in the Parish Center. Furthermore, parishioners were increasingly requesting internet access on their mobile devices. With such high demand, St. Maximilian Kolbe made the decision in September of last year to offer high-speed Wi-Fi cove rage across its entire campus. To provide it, the church called on integrator Safe and Sound Security & Fire Systems, Inc.

The Challenge

In addition to providing St. Maximilian Kolbe with a reliable connection for the entire system, ample Wi-Fi coverage, and ultra-fast speeds, Safe and Sound Security & FireSystems was tasked with creating separate networks for the church and its guests. Another challenge was extending the network from the main church building to the Parish Center without having to run wires through the concrete courtyard area between them. Finally, remote management technology was required to address any network issues quickly and efficiently. On the recommendation of distributor ADI, Safe and Sound Security & Fire Systems turned to network solutions from Luxul.

The Solution

“As I wasn’t familiar with Luxul at the time, I reached out to their team for design assistance to ensure the new system would meet St. Maximilian Kolbe’s needs,” said David Drab, technical manager at Safe and Sound Security & Fire Systems. "Using the plans for the main building and Parish Center, Luxul's Andres Olvera showed me proper access point placement for optimum Wi-Fi coverage, the required infrastructure equipment needed to create the network, and suggested using VLANs to separate the guest and main networks.”

As part of its Customer Assurance Program, or CAP, Luxul advanced tech support team provides dealers with certified wired and wireless network designs to ensure each project meets the reliability and performance requirements relating to Wi-Fi.

St. Maximilian Kolbe’s network is powered by an Epic 4 multi-WAN Gigabit router, which features one dedicated WAN, one dedicated LAN, and three LAN/WAN configurable ports and allows up to 512 concurrent device routing entries. Switches include two XMS-2624P 26-port/24 PoE+ and one XMS-1010P 10-port/8 PoE+ G igabit managed switches. To simplify the installation, PoE+ allowed Safe and Sound Security & Fire Systems to deliver both power and high-speed data to the network s wireless APs using standard Ethernet cables. Ceiling-mounted throughout the main building and Parish Center, nine X AP- 1510 wireless APs provide Wi-Fi connectivity for staff, catechists, and guests. The units combine high power and 802.11ac 3x3 dual-band technology with beamforming to deliver data rates up to 1900 Mbps, while the clean lines of their industrial design help them blend into the church's ceilings.

Two X AP -1240 300N wireless APs provide coverage for outdoor areas. With multiple APs throughout the campus, Luxul’s XWC-1000 wireless controller was incorporated to provide easy setup and centralized deployment. The controller also features Luxul’s Roam Assist technology, which ensures seamless roaming of mobile devices. To extend the network to the Parish Center, Safe and Sound Security & Fire Systems utilized Luxul’s XWO-BKT1 AC1200 dual-band outdoor bridge kit, which combines dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology with high output power to provide connectivity to remote locations. By eliminating the need to cut a trench and bury wires in the concrete courtyard, the kit dramatically lowered the project’s timeline and costs. Finally, Luxul’s XRM-DTZ1 Domotz Pro remote management system was deployed, allowing Safe and Sound Security & Fire Systems to easily manage and support St. Maximilian Kolbe s system and connected devices from anywhere. Domotz remote management provides system accessibility to monitor activity, change passwords, and make changes remotely to the configuration. Safe and Sound Security & Fire Systems receives notifications in the event of a system fault, allowing them to easily correct it without having to roll a truck.

The Results

“Luxul’s solutions made this installation simple; we couldn’t believe how easy it was to set up and configure a complete network of APs with SSIDs and VLANs and to extend the network to a second building,”said Drab. “And for reliability, Domotz’s alerts allow for constant awareness of the network’s performance. If there is an issue, we can quickly handle it without the time and expense of a service call. Monthly Domotz reports show that system availability has been greater than 99%, which translates into an extremely pleased client. Staff, catechists, and guests simply need the password to the appropriate network, and they can trust they will be instantly connected and enjoy blazing-fast speeds.”

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