Nozirhoh Ring Chandeliers for Facilities

Meydah Custom Lighting introduces the new family of Noziroh Chandeliers that blend an elegant style with a rich distinguished look in facilities.

The new family of Noziroh Chandeliers from Meyda Custom Lighting blends an elegant style with a rich distinguished look in facilities. Meyda is a leading manufacturer and designer of custom, decorative and Tiffany styled lighting.

Shown is the 84-inch wide Noziroh Ring Two Tiered Chandelier (model 158996). Two Black Textured steel rings provide timeless beauty and abundant overall illumination. Large rugged arms, designed with a decorative twist, support the rings from the ceiling.

A total of 46 Tawnyrock Idalight Cylindres are mounted on the two-tiered structure, each perched on a holder attached with an arm to a ring. 28 lights are displayed from the top ring while 18 other Cylindres are attached to the lower ring. This chandelier is ideal for illuminating dining areas, conference tables, lobbies and other spaces.

The fixture is handcrafted by Meyda artisans in the USA in our manufacturing facility in Yorkville, New York, at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains.


TAGS: Design
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