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Football Sunday
Your Football Sunday program should reflect what is happening that day. Use a highlight reel in your countdown to include football right from the beginning.

Football Sunday: Don't Miss Outreach

In this second of a two-part piece on Football Sunday, look at the various ways that such an event can be coordinated to reach out to members of the community, while also bringing new members of the community to your church.

On Friday, we looked at three of seven ways to look to Football Sunday, which this year coincide with the big NFL game between the New England Patriots facing off the Los Angeles Rams in Atlanta, as a means toward massive outreach.

Here are the other four plays, that together can add up to an incredibly successful Football Sunday:

Play 4

While you work to program your services for Football Sunday, there are some easy and fun ways to make the day feel exciting.

Your Football Sunday program should reflect what is happening that day. Use a highlight reel in your countdown to include football right from the beginning.

During worship, your backgrounds for our lyrics can also be sports-themed.  Your hosts can treat the announcements like sportscasters.

Limit the number of messages you have on this day, understanding that there so many new guests in attendance.

An interactive moment is asking guests to participate, which breaks the barrier between the audience and the stage. Make sure you practice all of this, as you want your transitions and elements to be flawless, removing every hurdle that could keep someone from connecting to God. 

Play 5

The message matters. On this day, you want to make sure you give people a chance to hear about the hope and grace that is granted to us through Christ.

We can help you with this big play.

At Football Sunday 2019, we have created three different messages for you to use. All versions have current NFL players Demario Davis of the New Orleans Saints, Kurt Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings, and Case Keenum of the Denver Broncos, each sharing their stories of faith. These are powerful stories, which have in the past been shown in around 5,000 churches, is an excellent way to connect with football fans and nonfans alike.

There is something special when we hear the testimony of other believers, and these men and their families share the importance of God and faith in their lives.

At Life.Church, we have created a 30-minute version to use in place of a message, a 12-minute version you can use along with having your pastor preach that Sunday, and three different 7-minute mini-messages that you can incorporate into your service if you choose to run that play.

Regardless of your choice, these professional videos deliver the gospel in a way that is relevant to the day and filled with grace for those that need hope, even during football.

Over the past few years, more than 20,000 people have identified themselves as committing their lives to Christ during a Football Sunday. 

Play 6

There are always variances in different plays depending on the players.

Here are a few of our favorite concepts for enhancing the day even more. 

Contact a local football coach and have them run a short, 30-minute football camp after each service. A football camp is a great way to bring families in and allow kids to have fun. In addition, you can capture information about new families with such a camp. 

• Invite a high school band or cheer squad to perform pre- or post-service. Getting into the community is a huge win, and families will come to watch their kids perform. Also, it creates a great moment and some momentum on your big day. 

• Throwing a contest is a fun way to include people. Maybe you can give away a TV, tickets to a local sporting event, award the most fanatical fan, or even a hold chicken wing eating contest, all as exciting contests for those who attend. People love games, and when you can include them in your day, it gives attendees another handle to use when they are inviting their friends to come and sit with them at church. 

• Create a "game day" environment outside, as people are walking into church. There is a reason everyone loves the pregame shows. Include announcers, interviews, information about the game, the community, what is happening that day, and remember to make it fun

• Challenge your volunteers to take it over the top. When you permit people to own things, they will blow you away with that they come up with for the big day. 

Play 7

This day can be one of the biggest outreach efforts of your year, so be sure to capitalize on all the momentum and not allow people to leave right away once they arrive to the Football Sunday gathering.

Giving guests a takeaway is a great way of inviting them back. We have created an amazing magazine through our partners at Sports Spectrum, which is filled with stories about players, including those on the Football Sunday videos, stats about the game, and amazing information that football fans will adore. You can also make sure something is going home with each person that reminds them how awesome Football Sunday has been, and why they need to come back to our church again soon. 

Follow up after such a day is incredibly significant. Make sure you reach out to every guest, especially those who made a commitment to Christ, and help them take their next step in their faith journey.

Now you are ready. 

We can't wait to hear your stories and celebrate all the victories on the big day. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, share your stories, while using the hashtag #FootballSunday, so we can see your play-by-play!

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