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Top 5 Things To Discover At WFX Communications Track

It's happening. WFX has started and there's an excitement from everyone. Can you feel it? Be careful though, the Conference and Expo time will fly by and you'll soon be on your way home. Will you be changed by the experience?

This conference is a collection of amazing ministry attendees from across the country along with session leaders, speakers, and vendors who are at the top of their game. It's up to you to learn from them now!

Let's have some fun.

I dare you to heighten your experience by discovering these 5 things:

1. Find one new person who is similar to you.
Promise to continue a conversation throughout the conference with them. Contact them after the conference for ongoing discussions and accountability. You'll need to get their name and email. Be on the look out.

2. Find one new thing.
Name one method of church communication discussed that you're committing to understanding and implementing with your church? It could be an app, social media, website platform, or new device. Be on the lookout; write them down and make a priority to master one of them.

3. What over-arching brand story does your church tell regularly?
Someone will ask you about your church at the conference, is there a key ministry promise that you'll be sure to include when sharing about your ministry? Remember, your brand story should include a compelling reason to attend!

4. When attending sessions and the expo:
Consider something within your church's worship experience that needs to be updated or changed in order to not be a barrier to communications. Ask someone about how much it'll cost and the reason you should invest that money. Commit to telling someone about it when you get back to your church.

5. At the end of today, name one thing you'll do NEXT week.
Do this and you’ll be on your way to help your church will do communication more effectively. Write it down and tell someone to hold you accountable.

6. What balance do you need on your Creative Team?
Or do you need to start creating a team that can support you in the endless task of church communication? Name someone you're going to ask to join your team. Text or email them right now to tell them you'd like to get together with them soon.

WFX will be an effective use of time if you're putting the things you hear into practice. Pray that you'll put everything you learn into action!

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