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Serving Strong: Your MIndset and Conflict

Big projects can be the worst conflict generators. Resolution depends on how you look at it.

Mindset: “...a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations.”

Consider this mindset: Conflict Is Inevitable

An opposing mindset: It’s All My Fault

Now, take a moment to consider your interactions with people. I’m sure you’ve had a conflict with another person before. Wherever two or three are gathered, it happens. Can you see how differently you respond to conflict, depending on your mindset? How different would your response be to a conflict, for example, if your mindset was “Conflict Is Inevitable” instead of “It’s All My Fault”? I would guess there would be a greater sense of resolve and willingness to work toward a “win-win” solution, and so on.

Take it a step further…

Can you see how mindset impacts your internal self-care? Consider the conflict example again. Conflict all by itself takes a toll on you. And without the right mindset, you risk adding to the conflict, allowing it to become heavier on you than it needs to be.

Perhaps today is a good time to be reminded that conflict is a part of life and we don’t have to be a victim to it (John 16.33). Rest in that mindset. Face interpersonal challenges in a healthy way. And in the midst of it all, keep the right mindset: Conflict Is Inevitable.

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