The Power of Art in Church

When a modern-day church fosters a culture of artistic creation through painting, sculpture and other visual arts.

In the early days of the church, one of the trademarks of the Christian world was the creation of art, whether it be grand cathedrals, intricate paintings, stained glass windows, or sculpture work. In the modern American church though, this culture of art has slowly faded.

Fostering Worship Through Works of Art in Church

However, at Saddleback Church, their Ex Creatis Visual Art Ministry is changing this dynamic, creating a variety of different types of work in the context of Christianity. Through paintings, modeling, and sculpture, they create a visual accompaniment to church sermons, outreach projects, and themes of the Christian life, bringing the power of art back to their church, and for all to see.


Artistic talent exists in many people, some of whom may attend your church, and creating a culture and community of artistic creation can be bring more than just another ministry group to your church. Investing in the artistic talent of your church can lead to creations that can be displayed throughout your church, as a tangible representation of the love and grace of God.

Take a look through the slides for some examples of their work.

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