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Partners in Church Consulting

Partners in Church Consulting

If your church is considering an expansion project, Partners in Church Consulting, based in Southlake, Texas, is a place to start.

If your church is considering an expansion project, Partners in Church Consulting, based in Southlake, Texas, is the perfect place to start, as the company offers a strategic assessment developed by a team of top-flight builders, architects, and pastors to assist churches in deciding what their real needs are and to effectively predict cost, timelines, and effectiveness.

"Our assessment is a tool that will save your church not only thousands of dollars, but it will also will protect your leadership's trust and credibility," says Lamar Slay, the company's president. "Our business philosophy is to always do what is best for the church. This ranges from church friendly pricing of our services to limiting the number of churches we work with at any one time."

As part of its services, PCC specializes in four distinct programs.

Capital Campaigns:
"We design and implement individualized capital campaigns for churches of all sizes," Slay says. "A unique feature of our campaign services is we include unlimited follow-up visits during the giving period."
Pastor and staff coaching:
PCC works with pastors and their staff members in doing on the job training, coaching, and assisting them with vision development and strategic planning.
Guest Services:
"We assist churches in bringing excellence to their First Impressions teams by helping them develop their policies/procedures, implementing an effective recruitment strategy, and training their volunteers," Slay says.
Facility Assessment and Development:
Through a strategic relationship with leading church builder, The Goff Companies, PCC offers churches a unique way of assessing their facility needs and obtaining the facilities they need to implement the vision God has given them.

A campaign takes 6-12 months plus a follow-up period. Strategic planning/coaching is usually 6 months to 2 years and guest services can range from a weekend observation/report to a 4-9 month program development. The strategic assessment is an 8-12 week process.

"Many churches have come to us with plans to build a new facility. After going through our assessment with the Goff Companies, we have convinced them they really don't need or they are not ready for a building project but can make room for growth by rearranging or repurposing their current facilities," Slay says. "This often can give the church room for growth for several years while getting them in a better financial position to add additional facilities in the future."

PCC has led several churches to reconsider what they give away to their guests. The last thing most unchurched people want is a praise and worship CD or a CD of another sermon. By changing what is in the gift bag, churches have seen a significant increase in the number of guest claiming their giveaways. For instance, one church gives away a bag of chips and salsa and another a bottle of bar-b-que sauce.

The company has also led many churches to offer coffee and doughnuts only at remote parking areas to encourage their volunteers and other leaders to park in these areas. The best place to advertise these types of incentives is through your children's departments.

"Because of our experience serving some of the leading churches in America, we understand church' as well as anyone," Slay says. "Wheather you are a traditional or a contemporary church, PCC can quickly understand your culture and DNA which is essential to helping you achieve the vision God has given you. We live outside the box. We also feel we can help a church with most any need they have and we have a unique relationship other companies that we can recommend to churches as the need arises."


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