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Museum of the Bible Employs Digital Signage for Immersive Experience

The Museum of the Bible leveraged the power of Userful digital signage solutions towards one of the most technologically advanced museums in the world. 

The Museum of the Bible (MOTB) leveraged the power of Userful digital signage solutions to create an immersive and engaging experience for visitors as part of their mission to create the most technologically advanced museums in the world. 

There are a total of nine video walls inside the 430,000-square-foot museum.  The museum's “Gathering Room,” a ballroom in which a variety of events are held, features two video walls, each capable of displaying multi-source content simultaneously. Both of the massive video walls consists of 35 LG 55-inch LCD screens with external receivers (zero client devices) and one PC/server.

The content displayed typically consists of still images and videos from the networked servers. However, during events, the speaker’s presentation is displayed from a laptop PC or other external player device connected to the HDMI input on the display. 

"MOTB required the ability to display digital signage content in a schedule-driven format and to display content from in-room HDMI feeds. They chose to work with Userful because it is easy to use, can be managed over the network and has the flexibility to accommodate future needs, says Tim Griffin, Userful CTO and founder.

The architecture of Userful’s Visual Networking Platform takes a standard PC/server and connects it to displays, in multiple locations, over the network, enabling the distribution of content across all displays. In addition, tells Griffin, "the video wall can be controlled locally, or be centrally managed with video walls across multiple sites. It’s a software-based solution that removes all hardware between the server and the display. Traditional hardware solutions tend to be more expensive and be less future proof—i.e., upgrades require purchasing new hardware. And, traditional hardware can also be significantly less flexible with physical limitations, restricted source support,  etc. Software solutions are less expensive, easy to troubleshoot and infinitely upgradeable via software updates. As a result, administrators that deploy software-based video wall solutions can enjoy a total cost of ownership (TCO) significantly below that of hardware solutions."

Userful’s Visual Networking Platform is easy to use, enabling staff and volunteers to have the ability to display content from any source, on the desired screen at the chosen time for communication and collaboration. The Command and Control Module facilitates collaboration and source management, enabling operators to move and resize unlimited sources on a video wall or large display directly from a web browser, in real time with drag-and-drop ease. With entirely browser-based tools, the solution can run on any platform with no additional software to install or manage, integrating seamlessly with the Museum’s current software. 


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