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Missions Moment: Ends of the Earth Prayer Tower Portal

Missions Moment: Ends of the Earth Prayer Tower Portal

Prayer to Share? Digital Signage Company Planning for Millions of Prayers a Month

It was a phone call that “came out of the blue.” Mike Strand was asked to create software for launching a worldwide, online prayer circle. Six months ago, his Menomonie, Wis.-based digital signage company, StrandVision, partnered with Beth Israel Jewish Ministries, based in Honolulu, to extend its Ends of the Earth Global Prayer Towers to the World Wide Web. Not only did Strand work tirelessly to develop the software to make it work, but he also serves as a daily moderator for the incoming prayers. You can post requests on the free prayer wall at http://Prayer.StrandVision. Com and receive live healing prayers via phone calls and Skype.

“Looking at the current statistics, we get about 500 a month—it’s not flooded,” says Strand. “The way the world is today, it’s going to go bonkers at some point. We built the system to handle a million prayers per month and I’m a little scared of that sometimes. This could get interesting really fast and I’m responsible for keeping it running.”

Ends of the Earth’s 12 Global Prayer Towers bring more than 72 prayer centers together with thousands of volunteers who moderate and pray for requests. “Nation after nation, we are seeing the effect of prayer that takes place directed at dismantling the wicked powers of darkness over these nations,” says Rabbi Daniel Vargas, founder of the Ends of the Earth Global Prayer Towers.

“God promised to bless those who bless Israel. Every prayer passed along through the network begins with a prayer for Jerusalem and forwards that blessing.” He concludes, “This new social network makes it possible to expand an already powerful worldwide prayer network to involve every person with an Internet connection.”

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