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Logo Redesign? 4 Criteria to Determine if Your Church Needs a Fresh Logo

To be known for something with top-of-mind awareness (so people will choose you when they need you), you need a good visual “mark”. A solid logo.

Most popular brands have a great, professional logo. Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Facebook, Exxon, Amazon and the list goes on and on. We live in such a visual culture so a name isn’t enough. To be known for something with top-of-mind awareness (so people will choose you when they need you), you need a good visual “mark”. A solid logo.

Your church needs a professional logo if you’re going to be known for excellence in your community.

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Does your current church logo live up to that standard? Here are 4 criteria if you’re wondering if a redesign should be in your future:

1. Is it Simple? The best logos are usually the simplest.

They can be used easily at any size and with any format (screenprinting a tee, embroidery a button-down, printing a brochure, etc.). The simplicity is key to making this happen. Have a complex name? Consider playing down (or eliminating) some of it and making 1 or 2 words dominate. Have a complex illustration or photo in your logo? It’s not a good logo. Flatten all the design elements: shadows and gradients don’t belong in a great logo.

2. Is it Legible?

When using your logo at the smallest size (usually a business card or lapel pin size), it must be readable and recognizable. In fact, at all sizes, your name must be easy to read. Have a crazy font that’s often misread (like a hard-to-read script)? Change it. Go simple and readable. Can your logo symbol be quickly misidentified as something else? Change it. Think like a 7th grader and look at your symbol — can it be misconstrued as anything that’s not wholesome? Yep, change it.

3. Is it Unique?

The problem with going really simple today is that you still have to create something that’s not similar to all the other simple logos already created. This is tough (maybe the toughest part!). Want to know if your logo is unique? Do a reverse image search online (Google “reverse image search”). If your logo is very similar to another logo — then you could be in violation of trademark laws; or at best, you have a brand that could be misinterpreted as another brand! Not good. Get a designer to alter it to make it your own. Your font(s) can look like someone else’s brand; but not if your names are similar.

4. Is it Memorable?

Almost every major brand in the world has a logo symbol you can recall when someone says the name. In fact, when you read the names in the first paragraph, I bet you visualized their logos. Does your church have something that your community would remember? One of 2 things has happened if not: you don’t have a logo that’s simple enough and tied to your church uniquely OR you’re not using it enough. Fix it. Be proud of your logo and use it.

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