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Keep it Simple: Communication Solutions for Worship

One simple system that does it all.

Today's churches are more connected than ever and the key to connecting is communication. On any average Sunday your children's ministry is coordinating bathroom runs and security, your audio and video teams are working to provide the best worship experience possible, your parking and greeter ministry is ensuring that everyone feels welcome, and your interpreters are making sure everyone understands the message.  Great effort, preparation, and thought goes in to every single service and everyone has a role to play, so it is not surprising that many ministry leaders report that great communication is one of the top factors in their success.

Managing the communications throughout an entire church campus requires multiple systems, each configured to the specific challenges and needs it meets. Meeting the needs of a growing congregation can be complicated, but communication doesn't have to be.  With so many things pulling at their limited budget and other resources, it is no wonder that houses of worship all over the world are committed to simplifying wherever they can. 

ListenTALK, from Listen Technologies is the simplest and most flexible two-way wireless communication tool available and it was built to meet the needs of ANY environment and ANY ministry.  In fact, one single system can easily do it all.

    • Event Production - ListenTALK allows for completely wireless two-way communication for your production teams.  ListenTALK's unique 1.9GHz frequency ensure less interference
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  • Intercom - ListenTALK enables simple and private two-way communication between ministry teams indoors or outdoors.  Teams can be set up by simply tapping the units together, thanks to near field communication (NFC)
  • Assistive Listening -  ListenTALK meets mandatory ADA compliance standards for assistive listening, ensuring everyone can hear the message
  • Interpretation -  ListenTALK helps you break the language barrier, allowing for up to 10 simultaneous languages.  Inventory and languages can be managed easily with the FREE software suite included with every system


ListenTALK helps you simplify your communication needs so your house of worship can connect to what really matters. For more information, please visit

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