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Inclusive Streaming Solution: Help Immerse Visually and Hearing Impaired in Worship

Inclusive Streaming Solution: Help Immerse Visually and Hearing Impaired in Worship

Audio specialist Sennheiser, at InfoComm 2015 in Orlando, FL, announced the release of their MOBILECONNECT system, a streaming solution which enables the visually and hearing impaired an opportunity to enjoy barrier-free participation in live events, such as church services.

With its MobileConnect system, Sennheiser is offering a new breakthrough streaming solution. As a result, a blind individual can now listen to audio descriptions (or assistive listening for the hearing impaired) in real time on their smartphones. For your congregants that means all they need to do is install a free MobileConnect app and dial in to the channel that fits their needs.

“That makes life much more convenient for people with a visual or hearing impairment who want to enjoy a live event," said Jörn Erkau, managing director of Sennheiser Streaming Technologies.

Through the wire-free solution, an individual can use their own smartphone to dial into a streamed channel specific to their needs. For example, a person can hear an audio description of the service, as it's happening. "We want to offer those with visual or hearing impairments a better experience in church or at other events such as cultural, educational and entertainment." states Erkau.

MobileConnect also can cross cultural barriers by reaching those who speak english as a second language. For example, a translator could narrate the service as it’s happening in Spanish to include a church’s Spanish speaking constituents.

As a side note, Sennheiser has also launched a streaming solution for cinemas. CinemaConnect makes it possible for cinemas to offer audio description, assistive listening and the transmission of audio content.

The MobileConnect system runs around $10k and is rackmounted. It can be placed at FOH or in an equipment closet.  MobileConnect has four streaming outputs and is wi-fi based, so users simply need to identify the ‘MobileConnect’ network once installed.  Then once a user opens the app, they choose the appropriate channel (determined by the house of worship - based on content that provider wants to stream).

Product is now shipping. For more details contact Sennheiser.




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