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How Will WFX Affect Your Church Communication?

The low down on the deep dive into church communications offered at WFX.

How Will WFX Affect Your Church Communication?

If you followed the Communications Track at WFX, you've just heard a lot.

Topics included:

Creative Content Teams
Communicating a Church Brand
God's Law of Communications
Strategies for Effective Church Communication
Social Media Advertising
Video Storytelling
Mobile Apps
Sermon Preparation through Video Direction Techniques

And there were also dozens of other topics that were also mentioned in other sessions and keynotes that immediately effect church communications. Church communications is a huge concept and most will agree that it's ever changing.

It's so important to get the foundation in place so that some of the tactics can change along the way. Churches must stop trying to catch up and just do it. I'm sure WFX has helped you realize the acceptable place to start.

Did you take good notes? Did you focus on the practical? Have you taken the time to write down the specific to-dos that you need to address in the next few months?

There are 8 topics listed above. Start with that list now and:

1. Choose 4 or 5 topics you're choosing to focus on. Cross the others out.
2. List 2 or 3 to-dos for each you've chosen. This gives you 8 to 15 practical things to do.
3. Now put an "A" next to half of them to set your resolve. Then "B" and "C" priority as needed.

This creates a manageable list of things you can commit to changing or improving in your church communications. The only way they'll get done?
Research says you need to:

Write your final to-do list down
Create smaller tasks under each of the larger tasks. Some people say to never create a task that takes longer than a few hours to accomplish
Put dates for starting and finishing each task
Share the list with someone who will hold you accountable

WFX has been good for us. One of the best if you ask me! Now let's not drop the ball with the challenges that we now know how to accomplish! Just do it.


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