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How to Use Social Media to Raise Dollars

If you want to fully fund your ministries you had better know how to use social media to raise dollars.  Consider this, if Facebook was a country it would rank third in size with over 1.1 Billion users worldwide.  Phil Cooke at http://philcooke.com/taking-the-digital-mission-field-seriously/ pointed out this fact and asked a pertinent question the other day.  He asked, “the question for the Church becomes "Who's sending missionaries to that country?" Or "Who's planting churches in that country?"   I think the truth of the matter is that no one has really looked at it this way.

I ask churches all the time, “Why aren’t you using this tool to raise funds?”  Again, I find that no one is thinking about utilizing social media this way.  My question is why not?  To raise funds you have to convince a donor that your cause is worthwhile and needing their dollar.  As I teach my clients, get a story, work your story, tell your story and people will give to support that story.  Social media is one of the best ways for a church to tell its story!

In telling your story you have to make the case for why a person should give money to you.  Social media is an excellent tool to do just that.

Use Your Social Media Platforms to Build a Case for Why People Should Give You Money!

One of the biggest mistakes churches make is assuming people know they should give and why.  Non-profit charities never make that mistake nor should the Church.  So, we need to build the case for why people need to give you money.  Social media allows you to show what giving accomplishes.

Charities start with a crisis.  They focus on things like the lack of food, water, medicine or some other problem in the world that is causing pain and suffering.  They then express the need.  What money it will take to help meet this crisis, etc.  Finally they make the "ask."  They unapologetically ask you and I to give to help them m Basically your "ask" needs to encompass the following elements

Crisis I want my donors to know about
Need We can help by
Ask Your gift NOW will help us meet this need!

Think of the various missions and ministry initiatives you have this summer and use social media to draw awareness to those needs.  What crisis is that going to meet?  What need can be met by your members?  Then ask for gifts now to help meet that need.

Here is a sample of how to generate gifts for camp scholarships.  Above is a post from a client church of mine and just one post of many that focused upon how Student camps were making an impact.  Notice that there is an appeal with a direct link to their giving page.  By using pictures of ministry in action this church was able to make an effective ask for dollars.  Social media gives you an incredible tool for you showing your story and then asking people to donate to support that story.

Start today using social media to raise dollars for your ministry!  The only cost to you is your time and imagination.  With so many people now engaging one another through social media isn’t it time you visit that country?

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