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How to Internally Promote Your Thread

How to Internally Promote Your Thread

Every church needs to be known for something. Something that communicates your benefits to your community. That unified message is your communication thread.

Every church needs to be known for something.

Something that communicates your benefits to your community. That unified message is your communication thread.

This tagline, unique selling proposition, positioning statement or brand promise is how people identify your organization in their minds.

This top-of-mind awareness is the key to getting people to choose you as an option to their needs or concerns.

Sadly, the church isn't known for anything in most communities, so the local church isn't a perceived solution. As church leadership, we must identify our thread, control our messages, and build a team that loves to share it.

As a ministry leader, you need to internally promote your thread so you get 100 percent buy in.

Here's how:

1. Inspire your team to dream about thread creativity. Internally, people (leaders like you) get bored quickly with threads.

Externally, people only see it occasionally so they tend to have a longer endurance for it. It's what you become known for! Internally though, you need to inspire your team to creatively use it so that it's cleverly revealed through everything you do and say. How it smells, looks, sounds, and tastes. It's this creative control that weaves the thread into the fabric of your church. Use your team to discover new ways to do it and they'll buy into it deeply.

2. Live your thread authentically behind closed doors.

If you simply view your thread as a thin marketing ploy, your community will ignore it as such. You, as a leader, must intimately live it so that no internal team member questions that your thread is simply a questionable wrapper.

Millennials especially can smell inauthenticity and are repelled by it. The more you live it, the more you'll attract younger people. This has to start with the top leadership and then everyone will understand it's who you are. And live it out. Like you do.

3. Increase communication materials for events tied closely to your thread.

Tactically, you need to have as many events, messages, and promotions that support your thread. That's how you become known for it! So, as you have your communication strategy implemented; your ministries need to be aware of what communication materials their event or team deserves based on their ministry tiering.

However, they should be rewarded by additional communication materials being available to anything that promoted the thread.

For example: since tier-one events in your church are events that reach 85-percent-plus of your congregation, a student event doesn't qualify. They're a tier two event (they reach 85-percent-plus of the individual ministry).

As a tier two event, they don't qualify for a stage announcement but if they create an event that promotes what the church's thread is, then they can have a stage announcement. It's a win-win encouragement for everyone!

Become known for something. Something so beneficial to your community that they are compelled to come to your events and services. That takes control of all your communication messages. And it needs to start internally before it'll ever reach outside of your walls. Just do it. Lead your team to control your thread!


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