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eChurchGiving Offers Free eChurch App to the First 1,000 Churches

eChurchGiving Offers Free eChurch App to the First 1,000 Churches

eChurch App promotes increased engagement among churchgoers

eChurchGiving announced it is giving away custom mobile apps for the first 1,000 churches to register during August.

The eChurch App will be individually branded and customized based on the needs of each church.

"From what we have experienced, only 5 to 10 percent of churches have a mobile app," said Chris Heaslip, CEO and co-founder of eChurchGiving and Pushpay. "eChurchGiving is dedicated to using mobile technologies to help churches connect with their congregation and enhance their ministries."

The eChurch App provides churches with features to connect with their members:

·      Push notifications: Church leaders can connect with congregation members, and encourage responses outside of their Sunday sermon.
·      Digital bulletin: Exchange paper newsletters with a digital newsletter.
·      Event calendar: Keep church members updated on activities 24/7.
·      Prayer wall: Connect church members through prayer anytime and anywhere it's needed.
·      Video sermons/podcasts: Distribute your message via video and audio so it is accessible to congregation members whenever and wherever.
·  Support giving: The eChurch App supports giving solutions, provided by Pushpay, to encourage donations to the church outside of the Sunday sermon.

“We've used the eChurch App since the spring of 2015, and it provides new opportunities for us to interact with our regular church members," said Andrew Wolff of Mosaic Community Church in Seattle, Washington. "The most popular aspect of the app for our community is the podcasting section where members can easily access the most recent sermons."

Churches can sign up to receive the eChurch App through the eChurchGiving website (http://go.echurchgiving.com/1000-free-apps/) before Aug. 31, 2015. Use of the app will be free until September 2016. At that point, churches can sign up for a subscription-based plan that fits their needs.

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