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Creating a Winning Communication and Content Team

Creating a Winning Communication and Content Team

Are you a one-man band when it comes to your church communications? Here are four steps to transition out of this role and into one of leadership.

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There I was sitting in a one-bedroom apartment, by myself, stressing over all the church work I need to get done for this week. To be honest, I was burnt out and weary with it all. I had been a one-man band, and it had worked until now.  We had grown our technology and communications to another level. I had to produce our podcast, maintain our website information, make the graphics for the bulletin, produce all of the announcement video, make the graphical welcoming slides ready for church, sending out information through of social media platforms, and trying to grow a video production business. Needless to say, God was pushing me out of my one-man band mode, and into a mode of leadership. Leadership I wasn't comfortable, or thought I had the capability to do. At twenty three years old, I was the youngest, and regretfully, the most inexperience leader on the leadership team.

As I wrestled with my incapacities, and what to do about the problem I was having, God reminded me of Moses where he was being worn out day by day with all the daily demands. Luckily his Father-in-law saw the toll it was taking on him, and suggested he delegate.

For the most part, I have found that delegating the work out helps me. The fastest way to backslide is to always be in the sound room working, always being the director for the cameras, and always doing something during service in the media room.

We, as media people, need to be engaged in the service, and to be fed spiritually, along with all of the other members. When we are constantly doing things during service, our spiritual growth suffers.

So here are the top 4 things to jump start you in building a communication team.

  1. Just Ask
  2. One resource we easily over look is to just ask people to help. There are people out in your congregation who want to get involved, but are not sure of where to start. You first need to find people who are committed, and reliable to do the work every week. Either out of fear, or shyness, we skip this part as technology people.
  3. Who Knows How to?
  4. There is probably someone in your church that is good at doing graphics, writing, holding a camera, and etc.. Ask those people in your church who are doing it professionally to help with their skills in the church. Find some who are already doing what you need help with.
  5. Advertise
  6. You need help so use your own bulletin, announcement video, and your church's newsletter, etc. You will be amazed at the people who step up, and want to help.
  7. Teach
  8. The learning curve.  People may be intimidated by some of the proposed work such as: camera work, directing, editing, projection, or any kind of technology. If you are willing to take time out and teach people some skills and processes, you will find yourself a building a supporting team of strong helpers. For those Entrenched in the One Man Band Role For all of my one man band people out there, here are a few suggestions to help lighten your load right now. Set up everything to read from one source. If you have a podcast, make sure to have your website, church app, and everything else read from that single source feed. That way when you upload new podcast, it automatically gets sent out to the other platforms, without you doing anything. If you edit in Premiere Pro CC, you can export straight to Vimeo or YouTube when you export. For your calendars, you need to do the same. When one thing changes, they all change. This frees you from making individual changes on each platform. If you would like to learn more about how we generate our automatic feeds like our videos, and so on email me at brentmann@hvchurch.com

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