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Clarion Communications & Media

Clarion Communications & Media

Clarion Communications & Media (CCM) is a marketing communications firm designed exclusively for non-profit, primarily, church organizations.

Clarion Communications & Media (CCM) is a marketing communications firm designed exclusively for non-profit, primarily, church organizations. CCM’s clients come by referrals and word of mouth.

"The irony of my firm is that I do not use any marketing to drive business. Intentionally as a small, boutique type agency, I seek to work with a maximum of four clients at any given time. The personal relationships I develop with pastors is very important to me as I seek to understand their church's unique DNA and the community they are called to reach, thus providing very strategic, very creative and very effective solutions.  Every church, every pastor, every community is unique. Getting to know and understand these nuances in depth is a core distinctive for my company,” states CCM president and founder, Lawrence Swicegood.

“Having consulted with hundreds of churches of all sizes and denominations CCM has an extensive track record with proven results over the past two decades. The difference comes from having served on two very large church staff's overseeing communications and media teams, creating significant brand awareness and developing proven methods for driving growth."  Swicegood’s, broad experience also includes 20+ years of mainstream marketing, communications, branding, creative services and crisis management experience with numerous Fortune 500 companies from his tenure at ad agencies, PR Firms. He also served four years in The White House on President Bush's,  White House Advance Team.

“Effective utilization of social media is a ‘game changer’ in helping churches reach more people in a very low cost, yet effective manner,” shares Swicegood. He also notes another need that churches are waking to. “Many churches are becoming more aware that it is better to be prepared for a crisis beforehand, than to wait until a crisis occurs then scramble to put together a crisis team and a crisis plan in the midst of that crisis.”

CCM offers six core services in their range of expertise.

1. Crisis Management
Helping pastors, church staffs, church elders, boards and leadership teams navigate a wide spectrum crisis from significant to small. Crafting communication plans, press statements, media training and crisis preparedness plans.

2. Marketing Communications
Creating campaigns that effectively let a community become aware of a church's existence and unique services.

3. Creative sermon development
Helping pastors develop sermon series and the creative elements that surround that series.

4. Branding
Logo Development / Re-launch Campaigns / Helping churches clearly define who they are and how to drive brand awareness within the community they are seeing to reach.

5. Media Services
Developing creative advertising campaigns using: social media, direct mail, TV, radio, billboard, , on-line web, and personal invite campaigns.

6. Communications Audit-
The audit process has three core components:
Experience, observe and critique a typical Sunday service from a true "visitors' perspective."
2. Review and critique materials the church uses that are designed to communicate to the church's membership and elements designed to attract visitors including: 
The church's web site
Social media
Worship guide / bulletin
Sermon Series invite cards
Direct mail used within the past 12-months
Broadcast radio / TV
Newspaper advertising
On-site signage
Follow-up letters / emails to guests who registered  

3.  Provide a verbal and written analysis of my guest experiences to the church leadership team.

To contact Lawrence regarding his company's services:

Clarion Communications & Media

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