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Across the Globe: Martin Audio Helps 3 Worship Facilities Upgrade the Worship Experience

Across the Globe: Martin Audio Helps 3 Worship Facilities Upgrade the Worship Experience

From EDM festivals to ministries, Martin Audio has helped facilities in the United States, Ireland and Australia upgrade their sound system to better the service given to the audience.

Founded in 1971, Martin Audio has supplied audio touring systems to well-known recording artists such as Pink Floyd. Recently, Martin Audio installed new equipment in three worship facilities in Australia, Ireland and the United States.

They also provide audio equipment to EDM festivals, museums and train stations around the world. Another market they are prominent in is the house of worship market.

Now with their integrity in design, technical excellence and the longevity of their products, worship facilities have turned to Martin Audio to help with their sound systems, which needed an upgrade.

Temple Beth Israel, a synagogue located in Melbourne, Australia, needed a new sound system due to the fact that their original one was too old to keep up with their tech-savvy congregation. They were the first temple in Australia to stream their services.

"They worked with Martin Audio's Australian distributor to find a system that would fulfill the need for them to have the full-range system in the temple that worked both for the main room and the side room," JC Costa of Martin Audio says.

A retractable wall separates the two rooms, but is removed when larger services are held such as weddings, state funerals and musical performances. When the wall is removed, it can seat up to 1,100 people.

The OmniLine Micro Line Array, a slim, compact unobtrusive speaker system, was installed in the facility, enhancing the worship experience throughout the Main Synagogue, where worship is typically held, and Slome Hall, where community events take place.

"Temple Beth Israel is one of the more progressive, technical temples in the world," Costa says. "They needed a system that could work for both rooms and that was slim and unobtrusive."

With each line array configuration, the best possible coverage pattern was generated and there was a drastic improvement in coverage and consistency across the listening areas of the synagogue.

The facility is primarily interested in spoken word, and was really focused on the clarity of the sound coming through the speakers.
Variable beam steering presets were implemented for the line arrays placed in Slome Hall, usable for when the retractable wall is and is not in use. When the Synagogue holds a large service, the wall gets removed and two pairs of OmniLine arrays are used.

First Baptist Church of St. Paul, MN, also installed the Micro Line Array speakers. They did an audition of the system and decided to go with it because they needed a system that would be able to support the old style of the building.

This church has a peaked roof, reaching over 40 feet with a spacious sanctuary. With the historical significance connected to it, it was crucial the audio upgrade did not intrude with the appearance.

It also is the home of three different congregations. "The original church in the building is more liturgical in nature with a beautiful organ and more of a spoken-word style," Audio Video Electronics President Stefan Svard says. "The other two congregations have modern worship bands with drums, keyboards, amplifiers and guitars."

Inside, there were many reflective surfaces that only worked well for the large pipe organ and not spoken word or acoustics. The church had loud sound towards the front, but away from the front rows, it greatly diminished.

Costa says First Baptist is an old-style church that required a system that was going to be full-range audio. "It has two visiting congregations that come in that are Korean that use the church as well. They have more of and instrumental-type music going on for their services," he continued.

"The micro line array is primarily for public venues, churches and other areas where they wanted to get full-range sound and audio," Costa says. "They didn't want a huge bunch of speakers hanging down from the ceiling. They wanted it as nonintrusive as possible to the environment."

High Kirk Church took a different approach with Martin Audio when they chose to install the MLA Mini system a powered system running on a computerized network. High Kirk has the MLA Mini in their facility, which is the smallest of the three MLA systems. It is also the most progressive and evolved loudspeaker system.
To understand just how small these speakers are, Costa says you are able to hold one of them in your hand. "OmniLine is all about the miniaturization of technology, he says. "But still being effective in terms of sound."

Because the ministry uses electric instruments, they wanted to make sure to get full-range coverage and better sound-control.

"It's a powered loudspeaker system, which means it has all the processing and all of the power for each speaker built into each speaker," Costa says. "It doesn't require any amplifiers or out-port processing."

Because all of the processing is built into each speaker, every seat in High Kirk hears exactly the same quality of sound. The MLA Mini also has impeccable control of its sound, putting the sound where it needs to be and keeps it off where it doesn't need to be. "It all goes to the audience," Costa says. "They are able to cut the noise off at the back of, or just a bit behind the audience area."

This is a key feature to the MLA Mini because it keeps the sound within the ministry. With this capability, the sound will not reach surrounding neighborhoods or businesses. If there is a sound check in the early hours, the band won't have to worry about disturbing anyone outside. "It keeps form building on the outskirts of residential areas, which don't want to hear the sounds," Costa says.

Although each worship facility had their own needs for new audio equipment, Costa says everybody needs spoken word and full-range musical coverage. "A lot of facilities, no matter what kind of facility it is, are doing enhanced musical coverage."

Martin Audio has helped these three worship facilities, as well as others around the world, enhance their sound and give their audience a better worship experience. The MLA system has become a top choice to different facilities because of the coverage with spoken word and enhanced musical coverage.

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