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7 Tips for Effective Social Media

7 Tips for Effective Social Media

Do you know why you're using social media? Check out these tips to make a stronger impact.

This article is adapted from a WFX 2013 session given by Scott Allen, Senior Associate Pastor of Arts/Media at Eagle Mountain Church.

What is Social Media?

    “Social media is a marathon, a gradual process in which you build a reputation. The best time to start was a while ago, and the second best time to start is today.” -Seth Godin

Many people don’t see social media as a marathon; they fail to realize its potential in building the reputation of a church. Social media gives the ability to reach a mass audience with a simple message; it can be very effective, especially as more and more people use social media as they engage in activities and as a tool for socialization.

Social media is a great marketing tool, and it is important for churches to use it for promotion. As a church, you have been entrusted with the most valuable message in the world, and social media provides one platform for spreading that message.

7 Tips for an Effective Social Media Strategy

1. Know why you’re using each social media outlet
Stay focused and consistent with your task.

2. Assemble a knowledgeable team to develop a strategy and execute a plan
Work together with a team of people to create the best and most effective social media strategy for your church.

3. Educate your staff and congregation about your social media strategy
Bring your ministries and pastors together and have a conversation. Involve every member of your church so that they understand what you are doing and why.

4. Commit to a long-term development plan. Don’t jump ahead of the team.
Show the administration how your plan will be effective long-term. This will help your team build strategies for future development.

5. Have compelling content. Don’t just advertise: start conversations.
Don’t just use social media to advertise your church; try to build relationships and have conversations with people. When you engage people, they feel closer to you.

6. Continuing education
Educate yourself and your staff on the different types of social media and stay on top of updates and trends.

7. Remember that your social media strategy begins and ends with your vision
Keep your mission, vision, and assignment from God in mind. The content you publish and your attitude about your task will be determined by your vision.

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