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7 Hats Every Church Communicator Must Wear

Effective church communication is complex. As I talk with communicators from across the church spectrum and country, many describe the juggling that goes on.

Effective church communication is complex. As I talk with communicators from across the church spectrum and country, many describe the juggling that goes on. This chaotic creative world we live in can be frustrating and fulfilling. Yet we thrive on it and dislike it.

Often, understanding the many roles we play can enlighten us and provide a clearer understanding of our communication ministry. It can also help a church who is searching for a communicator to lead them. Here are the 7 hats that make an effective communicator:

  1. Congregation Hat. We must advocate for the internal audience (congregation). To know everything about them so we can know what they need and want. This understanding helps with messaging, ministries, and communication tools. We need to know how to reach them as effectively as possible even when we know people are only half listening.
  2. Community Hat. We can’t just concentrate on our current internal audience when we know that there are so many who live within our church’s reach but don’t know about us enough to attend. This growing group needs to be loved by continuously reaching out to them. The more you know about them, the easier it is to engage with them.
  3. Leadership Hat. It can’t only be about our congregation and community. We must wear a hat to understand our church leadership that God put over us. To understand their mission, values, and initiatives. We must discover and appreciate their hearts for ministry. To keep them delighted. And to take their leadership to the congregation and community in a desirable interpretation.
  4. Volunteer Motivation Hat. This is our leadership hat! To be in a ministry, is to raise up others who can help with this ministry. The communication role is so big that we can’t do it alone. We need to create groups of people with the necessary God-given gifts to reach the lost. We’ve been blessed with a church ministry role, now we need to share the responsibility!
  5. Design Hat. We need to have this visual acuity that notices design trends and how the creative process exhibits itself differently in the world around us. This hat is the glue that connects our message to the visual world we live in. This hat can make the old-fashioned truths that our church preaches into a contemporary message that’s received well.
  6. Editor’s Hat. More and more people are reading and listening less and less. Someone needs to wear the editor’s hat so that all of our church’s content is served with the smallest footprint possible. We need to do the heavy-lifting so that people will appreciate, understand, and live our messages. The church is full of wordy content. Someone must make it easy to receive in brief, scannable, and understandable methods.
  7. Strategy Hat. Communicators need to have a process and a strategy to have the systems working properly. If not? The tools, the content, and the various voices won’t reach the high goals of the church. Creating a process allows you to enable communication without constantly saying no.
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