4 Things Every Church MUST Do After Easter

4 Things Every Church MUST Do After Easter

When it's done, everyone is tempted to take off a few days to rest and recover. But don't do it until you've done these 4 things.

Easter week is happening!

For most churches its the biggest week on their church calendar.

It means extra work for the church communicator, the ministerial staff and a ton of volunteers that leads the church to (hopefully) the largest congregation of the year.

When it's done, everyone is tempted to take off a few days to rest and recover. But don't do it until you've done these 4 things.

Sure, most can be scheduled to happen after Easter but make sure you're ahead of these before you collapse.

1. Replace Easter graphics with something that makes sense.
Look at your social media accounts and website with fresh eyes: is there a ton of Easter promotion?

Make sure it's replaced with something that continues the momentum of Easter. Remember most of your congregation attended your Easter service and hopefully many from your community experienced something supernatural during the Easter emphasis. Many will go to your website or social accounts after the services (since they were mentioned at Easter, right?!) so show what's next on the church calendar to encourage people to return.

2. Ensure appropriate followup happens.
Many people don't like public altar calls or won't risk stepping out to talk to someone at Easter. They go home and ponder what they experienced. Perhaps they wake up with it on their mind days later. What will they do? If you've prepared them properly in the services, you'll tell them to go to the website or social accounts for Next Steps. Make sure you're providing a clear story of what you'd like them to do.

This can be a class, an email, a webpage, or a call. Consider what they'd like and give them an easy path to finding answers. If you gathered Connection Cards during Easter, make sure you send a well-timed email afterward to point them to these locations too!

3. Have a good link to the Gospel.
At Easter many will hear the Hope we have for the first time. They probably won't get all the details in the service since its a lot to take in. Make sure your website has a page that explains the Gospel. Point to it on your home page (after Easter) and use social media to direct those pondering what it means to be a Christ-Follower.

At the end of the webpage give various options for contacting someone (like you have in #2).

4. Rest (but be careful). The best requires rest.
Use it to be ready to provide another quality service the week after Easter. So that it's not a let-down to those who experienced your service for the first time at Easter. The worst case scenario is a lackluster service that needs the energy that they experienced on the previous special day.

Remember many people only attend 1-2 times/month, so ensure you keep momentum over the next few weeks.

And if you have the ability to offer online services, make sure they capture the live experience adequately in case someone tunes in from the comforts of their home.

Easter is a huge responsibility. Ensure you don't drop the ball afterwards since decisions are often made weeks after the Holy Spirit starts prodding the heart.

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