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365 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Improve 2019’s Social Game

Social media, when done properly, requires the proper alignment of content, timing, and commenting.

It’s a new year! 365 days lie ahead of us and we have a choice: be the same or be different. I’m not talking about a cheesy resolution (which has almost zero chance of taking hold); I’m instead talking about changing how you live and create communication EVERY day of the new year.

Social media, when done properly, requires the proper alignment of content, timing, and commenting. It’s also something that constantly drones in the background of every single day and (surprisingly) every singe hour. Your community and congregation are swiping, scrolling, and engaging at almost every single moment! 2019 is the year you can connect with them on this important channel.

These simple tips will revolutionize the 365 days in 2019 if you practice each — 365 times:

1. Fall in love with your audience. With every passing day discover more of their needs — and deliver solutions. Many of us think we understand our audience, but when was the last time you looked at their walls and posts with the sole purpose of loving them where they are? Start discovering similarities of subject matter and needs. Good social media isn’t about talking what’s on YOUR mind; it’s about talking what’s on THEIR mind. Then loving is about giving. Not once, not weekly, but daily. This lays the foundation of a lasting relationship!

2. Attempt a 2-way conversation. This requires talking AND listening. It won’t happen over night — it may take all year. Many of our pages and posts are a constant droning of promotion and stuff we find interesting (perhaps why our audience has grown quiet). Review your last year’s posts and see where discussion happened. Is there a similarity in content? Is it video? Photos? Questions? Event promotion? Start making a list of ways you successfully started a conversation and begin practicing daily what you learn. Sure, it’ll take time to convert your inwardly focused accounts to channels that engage, but it’ll be worth it. Search for other pages that have regular engagement and learn from them! Most people do want to talk (if you can prove you do want to listen). Discover what your audience wants to talk about to help them understand why you love them and care for them deeply.

3. Concentrate on a communication thread and get really good at delivering it. Every day. Be careful that you’re not randomly all over the place with subject, style, or standards — slowly realize why people want your church in their feed and (as a great communicator) start to control your keywords, hashtags, solutions, and paths to goals. People like to see social avatars and have a reasonable expectation of what to expect on your posts. What will they connect with the most? If they see themselves and a church community that takes interest in them, loves them, and wants to lovingly walk with them. Every day.

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