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10 Tips to Promote Your Easter Performance

10 Tips to Promote Your Easter Performance

Reaching out to the community beyond your congregation

Many churches celebrate the Easter season with special church services, musical productions, or theatrical performances to help bring the word of God to those who may not be familiar with it. But reaching the community beyond their congregation can be difficult. Here are 10 Tips to help you get the word out during this Easter season:

1)  Send out a press release to your local media. A simple press release that answers the questions “who, what, when, where, and how much” is a great way to give the local newspaper, TV, and radio stations the basic information they need about your event. Do an online search to build a media list of outlets in your area and send the release in the body of an email, not as an attachment. Post your press release on your website in a news section. Search About.com for “press releases” to learn more.

2)  Ask your local Christian radio station for publicity: Many Christian radio stations will list Easter productions and performances in the area both on air and online. Call and ask if you can be interviewed on the local events segment.

3)    List your performance on online events calendars: Look for all your area’s online community calendars and post your performance information. Eventful.com, FullCalendar.com, EventCrazy.com, Craigslist.com, and Upcoming.org are just a few sites where you can easily post your event listing for all to see.

4)  Post the event information on your website: Put a special “call out” section on your church’s home page. Link the ad to a dedicated web page about the performance. This is a great place to list out all the key information about the event, such as location, ticket costs and where to buy tickets. Direct people to this page by including the website address on all of your other marketing materials and press release.

5)  Sell your event tickets online on YOUR website. As you direct the community (and your church members) to your website for performance details, you can easily sell your performance tickets directly from your website. TicketU (http://www.serviceu.com/ticketu) is the easy way to take tickets online.

6)  Use social media: Be sure to include event information on your church’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, and pastor’s blogs about the upcoming special events. Don’t stop with the basic information. Keep adding new photos of the rehearsals and details on the production as you get closer to the actual date. Make sure to link to the online ticket sales page.

7)  Use graphics to get attention: Ask your congregation members if anyone has any graphic design or photography skills that they would be willing to donate to help promote your production. Use photos from last year’s service, performance, or dress rehearsals to use with your promotional materials. Create a logo for the event and use this online and in print materials.

8)  Put up posters in your local community: Local business often want to support the local events and productions. Produce a simple poster advertising the production and hang them at the local coffee shops, restaurants, doctor’s offices, and businesses. Be sure to ask permission before you hang up the poster.  Make sure to include the event’s webpage address and ticketing information.

9)  Word of mouth: Nothing beats a good ole fashion personal invitation to an Easter service or special event. Like Christmas, Easter is often a time when people who don’t typically go to church might be willing to visit. Encourage your congregation members to personally invite friends, relatives, and co-workers.

10)  Don’t forget to get the word out within your church: Don’t assume that the entire congregation knows about the special Easter events. Announce the event in the worship service and include the special service times and events information in the newsletter, e-newsletter, bulletin, church walls, website, and anywhere else that makes sense.


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