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Youth Ministry Case Study: Maximizing Your Existing Space

Youth Ministry Case Study: Maximizing Your Existing Space

Outdated vacant library transformed into vibrant youth ministry space

Youth groups today want spaces that feel like they belong to them. They also want areas that are contemporary, fun, and flexible while church leadership teams also want these areas to be durable and functional. One of the questions architects with CDH Partners [Marietta, Ga.-based church architects] answer most often is: "Can a space be designed that perfectly fits the needs of our youth and our church?" The answer is yes, especially when creativity and vision are involved.

When First Baptist Church of Powder Springs, Ga., contacted CDH, designers quickly saw that it was a growing suburban church with a rapidly expanding youth program. It was obvious there was a definite need to create a space that was dedicated solely to youth ministry. Church leaders had their fingers on the pulse of their junior and high school teens but they needed help with the design. They realized [that] in order to keep their retention rate high and attract others to their program; they needed a designed space that went beyond the traditional church space.

A vacant community library located adjacent to the church campus became an answer to the church's evolving need. The property was purchased, and CDH Partners led the building's transformation from a dated and unused facility into a vibrant, functional space where the youth gather, meet, and worship. It is a story of how architects took an unused, dated facility and adapted into an attractive, useful space.

In creating The Spring Street Garage, designers used [a] broad range of thematic elements to brand the space with a trendy garage theme that includes exposed ceilings, vents, contemporary lighting, and a dynamic color palate. Creativity to think beyond traditional design motivated designers to consider youth-responsive elements that included a design containing a stage, gathering spaces, and the front half of a colorful sports car, which was used as a sound booth. The goal was to reinforce this area as a haven for teens.

The flexible use of space was a key part of the design. Large overhead doors with clear inserts subdivide the area when needed. For larger groups, the doors are raised, creating an area for more people along with easy access to the stage during weekly worship times.

CDH Partners offers in-house interior design and professional engineering services to complement the base architectural services. Engineering disciplines include civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural. Areas of specialty include medical, assisted living, educational, religious, and engineering. www.cdhpartners.com

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