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Worship Facilities Conference & Expo (WFX) Long Beach 2009 Call for Presenters

The Worship Facilities Conference & Expo (WFX) is currently seeking qualified presenters for the educational sessions to be offered at its Spring WFX Long Beach, May 13-15, 2009 in Long Beach, California. This event, like its sister show to be held November 5-7, 2008 in Houston, Texas, is designed to help decision makers in houses of worship pull together their strategies for facilities design, financing, building management, A/V and lighting techniques and digital church practices.

The 2008 Spring WFX, presented by Worship Facilities and Church Production magazines, held last April in Indianapolis, Indiana, hosted over 2,500 attendees, featuring over 40+ educational sessions, nearly 200 exhibiting companies and many exciting networking events. Be a part of next spring's event by submitting a proposed conference session today!

WFX Long Beach 2009 Conference Session Proposals

Entry Deadline: October 17, 2008

Submission Form: http://www.wfxweb.com/houston/conference/guidelines.html

The WFX Long Beach 2009 Conference Program will feature 60- and 90-minute educational classes and workshops. If you wish to share your experiences, information or advice with the conference attendees, please submit your paper online for review. The WFX Conference Advisory Council will review your submission and the WFX Conference Team will follow up with you in late-December 2008.

WFX conference attendees will include the following, from churches of all sizes:


  Executive Pastors

  Business Administrators

  Facilities/Building/Operations Managers

  Building Committee Members

  Technical Directors, Media Ministers

  Worship Leaders, Music Ministers

  Audio, Video, Lighting and IT Specialists

  Tech & Business Volunteers

  Architects, Builders, Consultants & Contractors serving the market

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Worship Facilities: Design & Construction

  Design trends of innovative churches

  Fundraising, donor development and financial management

  Innovative auditorium design

  Designing facilities beyond the sanctuary: themed environments, youth facilities, multi-purpose rooms, recreation/sports facilities, kitchens and dining facilities, retail environments, schools/daycares

  Grounds design

  Green building strategies for houses of worship

  Construction team building

  Project Management

  Site selection

  Teaming with technical staff for facilities planning

Facilities Operations & Energy Management

  Designing and operating facilities beyond the sanctuary recreation/sports facilities, retail environments, schools/daycare, kitchens and dining facilities.

  Case studies on houses of worship that have successfully improved energy efficiency

  Case studies of facilities/operations managers who have been successfully involved with a building project

  Best practices in building and grounds maintenance

  Facilities security

  Sanitation and pest control

  Event scheduling and management

  Volunteer management for operations and maintenance

  Energy management strategies for houses of worship

Church Production: Audio/Video/Lighting Technologies and Management

  How-to technical seminars on audio, video, lighting, A/V recording and production

  Technical primers/overviews for non-technical pastors and administrators

  Multi-site and satellite services

  A/V/L strategies for small, medium and large churches

  Case studies on creative production of contemporary worship services, theatrical sermons, original videos to support live music or spoken work in service, concerts, dramas and other community outreach

  Project management for audio, video or lighting systems implementation

  Technical team building and operations

  Special seminars for contractors and systems integrators serving the house of worship market

The Digital Church

  Leveraging the Internet and new media to build community and organize for action

  Leveraging information technology (IT) for church business management

  Church website development


  Electronic newsletters and other push outreach

  Digital fundraising

Please submit your speaking proposal online by Friday, October 17, 2008. To access application guidelines and proposal form, click here: http://www.wfxweb.com/houston/conference/guidelines.html.

For additional information or questions, please contact Carey Huxsaw, chuxsaw@ehpub.com, 508-663-1500 x298.

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