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WFX Houston Teaching Churches How to Go ‘Green’

The WFX Houston ‘Green’ Educational Focus highlights nearly a dozen classes that touch on a variety of ways you can help your church save money, increase efficiencies and feel good about the work you’re doing. The Worship Facilities Conference and Expo (WFX) is scheduled for November 5-7, 2008 in Houston, Texas.

Attendees can explore ways to increase energy and cost efficiencies for their church through the WFX conference program. Nearly a dozen classes will include discussions on environmentally friendly designs, products and practices. From mega-churches to smaller churches, these classes will provide tips and techniques that will help churches in their ‘green’ efforts!

Classes that feature a ‘Green’ Focus include:

Reframing the Design Process

Presenters: Craig Janssen, Principal, Strategic Dimensions; Rex Miller, Founder, Operation Mindshift

Multi-purpose and Expandable Worship Centers

Presenter: Todd Phillippi, President, WPH Architects for Ministry

Renovating and Repurposing Your Existing Facilities

Presenters: Bill Chegwidden, President/Principal, CDH Partners, Inc.; Craig Janssen, Principal, Acoustic Dimensions

LED Color Confusion

Presenter: Novella Smith, Co-founder, Selador

Developing a Creation Care Audit for Your Church

Presenter: Bob Adams, Church Development Consultant, JH Batten

Efficiency Success Stories in Large/Mega Churches

Presenter: Jerry Lawson, ENERGY STAR Congregations, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

I Am Trained in MINISTRY, How Am I Supposed to Manage a Construction Project?

Presenter: Stephen B. Lafferty, AIA, PMP, LEED AP, Principal, Innovative Project Solutions & Lafferty ARCHitecture Group, LLC

Emerging Trends in Worship Facility Design

Presenter: Richard Shiffer, Senior Principal, RNL

Building and Maintaining the Green Way

Presenter: Paul Claybaker, Consultant, FacilityTree

LED General Illumination for Green Church

Presenter: DJ Chou, Director of Engineering, enLux Lighting

For session descriptions, dates, times and speaker bios, visit www.wfxweb.com. Look for the green recycling icon identifying classes within the ‘green’ focus. In addition to these classes with a green' focus, WFX features classes for all church sizes and budgets across its four tracks in the Conference Program:

Facilities Planning, Design & Renovation Track

A/V & Lighting Track

Facilities Operations and Energy Management Track

Digital Church Strategies Track

To view all WFX conference sessions visit www.wfxweb.com.

WFX Houston also features over 400 exhibitors showcasing the latest products and services, dozens of special events, exhibitor-offered trainings, three unique keynote presentations. Register today to take advantage of savings on group and team registrations. Register your team by September 12 for best savings!

For more information about WFX, or to download the Conference Brochure, visit www.wfxweb.com or call 800-598-6031.

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