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WFX Announces that the WFX Houston Keynote Addresses are Available Online

Those who missed WFX in Houston can now watch the keynote sessions at the WFX website.

Dave Ferguson, lead pastor of Community Christian Church (CCC) in Naperville, IL, discusses their innovative multi-site missional community that is passionate about "helping people find their way back to God." CCC was also deemed the 4th Fastest-Growing Church in 2007 by Outreach Magazine.

Joel Osteen leads a panel discussion that includes Chief Operating Officer Kevin Comes, Exec. Director of Joel Osteen Ministries Duncan Dodds, Director of Marketing Jeana Lawrence, Director of Media (TV) Jon Swearingen, and Director of Tours/Audio/Technical Production Reed Hall.

Bruce Smith, former technical director for Willow Creek Community Church, leads the Tech Talk Keynote, where you’ll hear from the folks that make the magic happen at churches big and small, with support teams from two to two hundred. Panelists include:

  Jeff Burner, director of technical arts, The Chapel of Lake County, Grayslake, Illinois

  Jill Gille, executive production manager, Willow Creek Community Church

  Dave Marks, technical director, Fellowship of the Woodlands, The Woodlands, Texas

  Curtis Templeton, creative arts director, First Christian Church, Huntington Beach, California

  Mark Yakey, technical director, Manchester Christian Church, Manchester, New Hampshire

Videos can be viewed at http://www.wfxweb.com/houston/programming/keynotehof.html. Please Note that Internet Explorer is required to view the videos.

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