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Web-Based Church Management Software Helps Churches Build Community

Church Community Builder (www.churchcommunitybuilder.com) has greatly enhanced its widely used web-based church management software (ChMS) and released CCB 2.0 to offer current and new clients cutting edge tools to better manage and connect their congregations. In an effort to keep up with the changing face of technology, CCB 2.0 has incorporated many Web 2.0 features along with a vastly improved user-interface. The CCB 2.0 release represents the largest single enhancement of the CCB platform since it's inception as a comprehensive Church Management Solution in 2001.


"We really wanted to reinvent our user-interface and retool in order to provide the best possible solutions for churches," says Chris Fowler, president and CEO of Church Community Builder. "We've been carefully listening to our clients and have added substantial features to meet their needs. Additionally, just as much as we've changing the UI, we've also modified the architecture for development so that we can add more Web 2.0 features in the future."


CCB 2.0 has incorporated new improved functionality and features that help church and staff lay leaders alike perform the vital tasks necessary to reach and retain more people for their Kingdom-focused mission. The following list represents just a partial view of these exciting new developments and enhancements:

  • Improved Event Management with email invitation feature and attendee tracking
  • Streamlined Contributions entry and Financial reporting
  • Simplified Individual Profile management
  • New Involvement dashboard that provides a quick snapshot of where people are plugged in
  • Enhanced Group Management features (discussion boards, volunteer matching, and participant interaction)
  • My Friends feature facilitates greater connectivity and ease of communication between peers and colleagues
  • Upgraded Process and Workflow management which helps track new visitor assimilation and other processes
  • New Report Sharing allows designated leaders and staff to access frequently used reports without contacting the system administrator
  • Improved WebLinks that easily integrate CCB data into your public website











"Church Community Builder really does all its name says it will doit makes it easier to build a church community and to keep track of how it is growing and the needs that may arise," says Vicky Sluiter at Resurrection Life (www.reslife.org). "All the information is in one online database. There is no calling from department to department for information, and if you have questions about the software, Church Community Builder's staff is second to none. In the end, it makes it easier for us to do our job of reaching out to, caring for and ministering to our followers."


In the future, CCB plans to focus on communication tools, RSS feeds, getting reminders via text messages, updating group pages via text messaging, calendaring configuration, and subscribing to groups page via RSS feed.

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