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Valley Creek Church Immersed in Worship

Valley Creek Church Immersed in Worship

Chroma-Q Inspire house lights turn worship into an interactive experience for attenders.

Texas-based Valley Creek Church is utilizing over 120 Chroma-Q Inspire premium performance, color-changing LED house lights in its 1,400-seat Flower Mound auditorium, to provide an ‘immersive’ environment during its worship services.

Valley Creek Church offers a welcoming atmosphere, upbeat rock' worship, and live streaming of services, and is one of the new generation of worship environments equipped with industry-leading production technologies.

North American lighting dealer, Summit Integrated Systems, worked with Dallas-based project consultants, Idibri, who recommended the Inspire fixture and provided a layout guide for them within the auditorium.

Jason Foster, Lighting Designer for Idibri, comments:

"The Church began their search really only looking for an all-white LED replacement for their existing incandescent house light fixtures. After viewing side-by-side comparisons from several manufacturers and visiting other Churches with the Chroma-Q fixtures installed, they realized the extraordinary design possibilities that an RGBW fixture might afford them. Like many Churches, Valley Creek discovered that the house lighting in their space could move far beyond the simple utilitarian need of foot-candles and illumination, and become an opportunity for changing the emotion and feel of the entire space - essentially bringing the entire congregation into the worship experience in a way that house lighting had not been able to do in the past."

Summit Integrated Systems supplied and programmed the Inspire fixtures. Nick Kofahl, director of sales & marketing, comments:
"The Chroma-Q Inspires have done an amazing job at providing seamless, beautiful lighting throughout the space. Services are now a shared experience. Another success of the fixtures is that they're able to recreate an incandescent feel very well, with a great dimming curve."

Chris Kozen is Production Coordinator at Valley Creek Church.
"The color output of the Inspire fixture is remarkable," says Chris. "On camera, the whites look very natural and the colors look rich and beautiful. When the fixture is dimmed below 100%, the traditional flicker associated with cheaper LEDs is non-existent on camera. Fixture to fixture, colors are also extremely consistent."

The Inspire fixtures are installed in pendant and recessed configurations, with ceiling heights ranging from 9 feet in the seating terraces, to 36 feet in the main seating bowl - with a mixture of wide and narrow lens fixtures to accommodate the height differences.

"Moving forward, the Inspire fixture will be the standard house light that we install in all of our future campus worship centers," Chris concludes.

Providing a range of beautiful whites, soft pastels and bold saturates, the Inspire's fully homogenized lens options offer a choice of stunning mixed colors, with no unsightly color separation shadows.

The Inspire fixture is powerful yet energy-efficient, resulting in reduced maintenance and running costs, with convection cooling keeping the unit silent.
Available in the new Inspire Mini compact version or a more powerful full-size version, a choice of Black or White exterior housing, and a range of beam angles, the Inspire range is suitable for almost any type of entertainment or architectural space - large or small.

Other recent venues investing in the Chroma-Q Inspire house light fixture include the Celebration Church house of worship in Jacksonville, Florida, the historic Pieterskerk building in the Dutch city of Leiden, and the renowned Rondo theatre show restaurant in Sweden.

visit www.chroma-q.com.

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