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ValidiKey 2 Vault

CyberLock, Inc. has expanded its industry-leading range of key-centric communicators with the versatile ValidiKey family of access control terminals. The ValidiKey 2 vault is a multifaceted access control terminal that secures, administers, and charges two CyberKey® smart keys. The ValidiKey 2 vault can operate as an all-in-one, stand-alone access control system, perfect for a smaller worship facility, or as a robust communication peripheral in a CyberAudit-Web Enterprise network, for the larger worship facilities. ValidiKey uses RFID cards or mission numbers, entered on the LCD touchscreen display, to issue electronic keys with customized access privileges based on time, date, and authority level. Combine an RFID credential with a PIN code entered on the touchscreen for secure, multi-factor user authentication. The vault, locks, and the keys record audit trails enabling worship facilities managers to view the activity of their key holders. When a key is returned to the vault, the history is downloaded to the software and the key is returned to an unprogrammed state.  A rugged, powder-coated aluminum case and 1200-lb. latch ensure keys are only issued to authorized users. Secure key storage and automated dispensing make the ValidiKey vault an ideal solution to manage user access at remote sites of a large Enterprise system. ValidiKey continuously monitors the status of its smart keys, keeping worship facilities managers informed of key holder activity. And the vault's internal cache means that ValidiKey can program and issue keys even during a network outage. The ability of the ValidiKey vault to host and autonomously manage a stand-alone CyberLock system introduces a powerful new architecture for small to medium-sized worship facilities and churches. When launched as a stand-alone system, the integrated CyberAudit® VK software provides a Wi-Fi hotspot at the vault, permitting an administrator to conveniently manage locks, keys, and access privileges via any Wi-Fi enabled device. As a worship facility's access control needs grow, ValidiKey vaults can easily be transitioned into a CyberAudit-Web Enterprise network, facilitating seamless scalability. Streamline management of your CyberKey smart keys with a ValidiKey 2 vault! Also, as with all our CyberLock cylinders, no hardwiring is required and the need to re-key is obsolete.

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