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Triple Keynote Presentations In-Store for WFX Houston

WFX Houston welcomes well-known speakers to share their first-hand success stories, expertise, and inspirations. This year, WFX Houston will feature an unprecedented three Keynote Presentations, offering valuable information to take back to your church, regardless of your size or budget.

Join us as we explore three vastly different Keynote Presentations at WFX Houston!

Opening Keynote: Dave Ferguson, Lead Pastor of Community Christian Church in Naperville, IL

The Lakewood Experience: Hear from Joel Osteen & The Lakewood Church Team

Tech Talk Keynote - Role Reversal: Top Tech Directors Take Center Stage, moderated by Bruce Smith, former Technical Director for Willow Creek Community Church

Worship Facilities Expo (WFX) is designed to allow your church executive, facilities management and tech teams to learn together through a unique conference program. There are four tracks for facilities and tech teams, a day long executive seminar for pastors, the largest expo floor for the church market filled with thousands of products and services, and a special events program that will offers something for every member of your team.

Register your team by 9/12 for best savings on Conference Passes, the Pastor’s Pass, or register for a FREE Expo Pass! Access to the Keynote Presentations are included with all passes!


Opening Keynote: Dave Ferguson, Community Christian Church

Thursday, November 6, 10:30am

Continuing the WFX tradition of inspiring opening keynote presentations, Dave Ferguson, Lead Pastor of Community Christian Church, will share his experiences and expertise to inspire and equip you and other church leaders with the know-how to creatively and effectively achieve your goals.

With eight campuses in the Chicago area, this multi-site church is earning accolades as one of the most innovative and influential churches in the nation. Join us and learn about the innovative strategies and ideas that have brought about the formation and growth of one of America's Top 25 Multiplying Churches and Most Innovative Churches (Outreach Magazine).


Joel Osteen and the Lakewood Church Team: The Lakewood Experience

Thursday, November 6, 7:00pm

As the featured WFX Houston destination for a behind-the-scenes facility tour and evening Keynote on Thursday, November 6, all attendees are invited to hear from Senior Pastor Joel Osteen and the administrative, facilities and technical leadership team from Lakewood Church.

The largest church in the United States, Lakewood hosts more than 40,000 attendees each weekend in their 16,000-seat auditorium, and their message reaches 200 million viewers each week through their international media broadcast.

Did you know that Pastor Joel Osteen has an extensive technical background, and once served as technical director for Lakewood Church?

Churches of all sizes will appreciate the Lakewood Experience, an educational tour of Lakewood Church covering many aspects of the administrative, educational and behind-the-scenes technical areas. Even if you’re not a mega-church, or don’t intend to become one, there are lessons to be learned from the Lakewood Church growth experience. Fundraising, construction, planning, growth management, children’s facilities, acoustics, lighting, production, branding and more are all part of the information to be shared in the Lakewood Experience at WFX.


Tech Talk Keynote - Role Reversal: Top Tech Directors Take Center Stage

Friday, November 7, 10:30am

Moderated by Bruce Smith

We bring several of the nation’s top behind-the-scenes tech directors center stage for a rare opportunity to share and compare challenges, accomplishments, mistakes, theories and questions with you and your team. Moderated by Bruce Smith, former technical director for Willow Creek Community Church, you’ll hear from the folks that make the magic happen at churches big and small, with support teams from 2 to 200.

Panelists will be announced on www.wfxweb.com in August.


Join us at WFX Houston to hear from these leaders who have helped grow their churches to where they are today. All WFX attendees are invited to attend Keynote Presentations. For a list of all WFX Houston Special Events, visit www.wfxweb.com.

Register by 9/12 for best group and team savings! WFX has also arranged discounted hotel rates at two nearby hotels. We hope to see you in Houston!

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