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Texas Instruments to Support Projector Customers by Offering a Five Year DLP Chip Warranty

DLP Products from Texas Instruments is announcing support for its customers with a five year DLP chip warranty for existing chips to be integrated into DLP 1-chip projectors for education, business, and home theater. Each manufacturer will individually provide details regarding their warranty programs, taking into consideration this new five year extension. DLP's new warranty doesn't include hours of usage restrictions, such as the limited number of hours covered by the warranties of projectors powered by other technologies.

DLP projector manufacturers have expressed interest about the opportunity to extend the DLP 1-chip warranty to their customers in the education, business, and home theater segments, including companies like BenQ, InFocus, Optoma, Toshiba and Vivitek.

"We are proud to be collaborating with our customers to help them take projectors to market that will offer some of the industry's best warranties for users," says Roger Carver, Manager of core products for TI's DLP Front Projection Business Unit. "The stability of the DLP chip helps drive innovation for manufacturers and lowers total cost of ownership for end users."

Since 2004, DLP Products has been extending projection manufactures a three year warranty program on the DLP chip. Many of the manufacturer warranties on DLP based projectors today range from three to five years already. Most DLP projectors do not require filters, are not prone to burn-in of images and are virtually free from color degradation over time.

The DLP front projection chip is based on the same technology that powers projectors found in movie theatres, which run in far more demanding usage situations than any school or business.

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