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Strong Lighting Solutions 650 Soon to be Available

Strong Entertainment Lighting will begin shipping its new high-powered LED light source the first quarter of this year. The Solutions 650 delivers more light at a 400 foot throw than does the Britelight 2000, Strong’s industry leading 2kw xenon beam projector.

Strong is well known for their very bright and very useful lights from followspots and cinema projectors to the light on top of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. “We see this breakthrough in LED lighting as a proud extension of our history,” says Paul Rabinovitz, Vice President of the Ballantyne Strong lighting division.

Strong sees this new LED light engine as the long awaited solution to problems of low light levels and poorly controlled beam shapes that have plagued LED luminaires since they were first introduced.

In fact, when compared to the 2,000 watt Britelight the Solutions 650 puts out three times the light energy per watt. Developed with tall buildings and towers in mind, this fixture could save an owner more than $2,500 per unit per year in energy, lamps and labor.

Early this year, Strong will also introduce the Solutions 1000 and Solutions 1500 color changing luminaires, which utilize a five color variation of the new LED engine. These luminaires will offer color mixing with efficiency levels and CRI ratings that are well beyond the capabilities of existing RGB LED light fixtures.

The Solutions 1000 and Solutions 1500 will incorporate a five color system (Red Green Blue + Yellow and Cyan) in order to produce a better balance of colors and whiter whites. Furthermore, the system mixes all five colors inside the LED engine before the light leaves the fixture, thus eliminating the multiple color shadows that are characteristic of typical RGB LED luminaires.

Given the enthusiasm generated by the first fixtures to use this breakthrough technology, the team at Strong is even more excited about what comes next. Several new and innovative products are already in development.

Prototypes of the Solutions 650 are now touring the major markets in the US and Canada, with introductions in Europe, Asia and throughout the world.

For additional information on the Solutions product line and the ground breaking technology behind it, contact Paul Rabinovitz. For more information visit the Strong Entertainment Lighting website: www.strong-lighting.com.

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