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Sound Made Simple iPA

Walthall & Associates, authors of the original Sound Made Simple iCD interactive computer-based training application, announces the release of their latest version, Sound Made Simple iPA. SMS iPA is the portable application version developed to run on Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. Sound Made Simple is an interactive computer-based application that uses eye-catching animation paired with an easy-to-understand presentation that teaches the basic fundamentals of audio and acoustics using a unique, academic approach.

Sound Made Simple was produced to address the ever growing need for training in the fields of acoustics, audio, and sound system operation. The topics covered in Sound Made Simple focus on the fundamental aspects of these topics and will provide the user with all of the background information needed to gain an understanding of what is going on within these various systems.

Topics covered include Sound & Hearing, Signal Path & Gain Structure, Mixing Consoles, Equalization, Acoustics, Microphones, Signal Processors, Power Amplifiers, Loudspeakers, and Cables, Connectors & Impedance. There are over 350 comprehensive academic-based lessons in a well designed application. Sound Made Simple iPA is audio and acoustics training for people on-the-go. SMS iPA is available on Apple’s App Store in a Professional (all chapters) and Chapter (individual chapters) version. A free Demo is also available.

Sponsors of Sound Made Simple iCD include Allen-Heath, Audio Technica, QSC, and Whirlwind USA. As proponents of knowledge and awareness in the field of audio and acoustics, these companies have demonstrated their commitment to education.

For more information visit http://www.soundmadesimple.com.

Walthall & Associates, Inc. is a Pensacola, Florida based consulting firm specializing in acoustics, technical systems, and training.

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