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Shure GlX-D Advanced

GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless from Shure utilizes the most innovative wireless audio technology in the world. The GLX-D Advanced suite automatically scans, coordinates, deploys and updates wireless receivers and transmitters during setup and use. Now you can focus on your message, lesson or performancenot the technology delivering it.

Shure's newly announced GLX-D® Advanced Digital Wireless products and accessories, which were recently made available and ready for shipping, are the latest addition to the acclaimed GLX-D Digital Wireless line. The new GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless is an enhanced suite of products, including the GLX-D Advanced Frequency Manager, rack mount receiver system, remote antennas, and accessories. Whether used to outfit Houses of Worship, educational institutions, auditoriums, or event venues with multiple wireless system requirements, GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless products provide the best-sounding, easiest multi-system wireless experience.  The GLX-D Advanced suite of products automatically scans, coordinates, deploys and updates wireless receivers and transmitters during setup and use. It’s easy to install multiple rack mount receiver systems using the included mounting hardware and detachable antennas, then optimizes for your space with additional accessories. Intelligent rechargeable transmitters clearly display charge status and offer a variety of charging options. Ideal for the church market, GLX-D Advanced features numerous user-friendly features and benefits:  ·      Advanced Rack Mount Systems: GLX-D Advanced wireless system includes rack mount hardware with detachable antennas for remote mounting. With this comes improved RF performance, antenna distribution and seamless frequency management for up to nine GLX-D Advanced rack mount systems in typical environments, and up to 11 in ideal conditions.  ·      Audio QualityThe GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless system boasts outstanding audio quality and digital clarity due to the removable antennas, a passive directional antenna and the GLX-D Frequency Manager. It provides the clearest sound from world-renowned Shure microphones with proprietary Shure digital wireless technology. ·      Automatic Frequency ManagementLinked GLX-D Advanced wireless receiver communities easily identify and continuously move away from interference, finding the clearest channels for all systems. The Frequency Manager provides power to the GLXD4R receivers, eliminating need for power strips or multiple outlets. ·      Intelligent RechargabilityGLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless products utilize proprietary Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with accurate battery metering for up to 16 hours of use when fully charged. Each battery has up to 10,000 hours of regular use per individual custom lithium-ion battery. The Integrated battery charge port has a two-color charge LED indicator.  Automatic Frequency Manager provides advanced automatic frequency management to a linked receiver community for improved RF performance and increased channel count. Powering up a GLX-D receiver and transmitter establishes an automated link between them, and GLX-D receiver begins to continuously analyze the active RF spectrum and determine which frequencies are best for transmission. Once identified, the frequencies are deployed via the established link to both the transmitter and receiver, automatically setting both wireless components simultaneously. Additionally, in the presence of RF interference, the GLX-D receiver and transmitter will seamlessly move together to clean frequencies with no audio signal interruption. The main difference between GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless and the current GLX-D wireless systems is the GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless includes Frequency Managers, rack mount receiver systems, remote antennas and accessories in one holistic package. The GLX- D Advanced Rack-Mountable Receiver has detachable antennas for remote mounting, remote adjustable transmitter gain control, a Hi-Res LCD screen status display and included rack mount hardware. These features combine for ultimate ease-of-use and flexibly for houses of worship. Shure's GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless provides three main benefits to the Church Market: advanced rack mount systems, industry-leading audio quality and automatic frequency management. Rack systems guarantee supreme RF stability and deliver the flexibility to work in the available spectrum with minimal signal loss. In conjunction with RF stability, automatic frequency management provides advanced automatic frequency management to a linked receiver community for improved RF performance and increased channel count, guaranteeing the clearest possible transmission and backup frequencies.

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